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Accelerating growth and social development in our value chains

We want a thriving world where incomes and quality of life are growing.

Through our value chains and in the communities we are part of, people - especially women - face the challenges of unemployment, lack of access to markets, the need for skills and, sometimes, basic services. The decisions we make can help shape their opportunities and enable their growth and development. 

We will accelerate growth and social development through our value chains. We are building global programmes to promote entrepreneurship within and beyond our value chain. We will focus our efforts to target women, those with the lowest income and disadvantaged groups.

By 2020, we will:

  • Directly support over half a million small enterprises to enhance their business growth and family livelihoods
  • Work with partners to measure overall number of enterprises supported, income, job quality, and employability, with a specific focus on women
  • Increase women's representation within SABMiller at the executive level

Performance highlights

We already support thousands of micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

We are expanding our programmes to improve livelihoods across our value chain: we currently engage 50,000 smallholder farmers and 68,000 micro-retailers and entrepreneurs worldwide through programmes such as Go Farming in Africa and 4e, working with small-scale shopkeepers in Latin America.

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