Our sustainable development strategy, Prosper, is embedded in our business strategy and will enable us to secure growth that benefits us and local communities.

Long-term commercial success demands that we play a positive role in the communities where we operate. This means supporting jobs and stimulating growth, promoting responsible alcohol consumption, and stewarding water and other natural resources. When our business prospers, communities prosper. When communities prosper, so does our business.

Through our five shared imperatives (see below) we aim to tackle the issues that are most material for our business at a local and international level. The imperatives give us global focus and alignment, while allowing local markets to respond to local needs. They are ‘shared’ because we can only tackle joint risks in partnership with those who also face them. By working together with local communities, suppliers, governments, consumers and beyond, we can create value for all.

Sustainable Development Report 2016

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A thriving world

We want a thriving world where incomes and quality of life are growing.

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A sociable world

We want a sociable world where our beers are developed, marketed, sold and consumed responsibly.

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A resilient world

We want a resilient world where our business, local communities and ecosystems share uninterrupted access to safe, clean water.

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A clean world

We want a clean world where nothing goes to waste and emissions are dramatically lower.

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A productive world

We want a productive world where land is used responsibly; food supply is secure; biodiversity protected and crops can be accessed at reasonable prices.

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