Our five shared imperatives

Our five shared imperatives tackle the five most material issues for our business.

They give us global focus and alignment, while allowing local markets to respond to local needs. These imperatives are ‘shared’ because we can only tackle joint risks in partnership with those who also face them. By working together with local communities, suppliers, governments, consumers and beyond, we can develop shared opportunities to the benefit of all.

A thriving world


We will accelerate growth and social development through our value chains. We are building global programmes to promote entrepreneurship within and beyond our value chain. We will focus our efforts to target women, those with the lowest income and disadvantaged groups.

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A sociable world


We will make beer the natural choice for the moderate and responsible drinker. Our comprehensive policies help our employees and partners to meet our demanding standards on producing our products to encourage responsible consumption. Our sound principles are backed by programmes to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

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A resilient world


We will secure shared water resources for our business and local communities. Brewery by brewery, we are building a detailed understanding of water risks. We create partnerships to tackle these risks with those that share them.

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A clean world


We will create value through reducing waste and carbon emissions. We will work with suppliers, distributors, retailers, municipalities and consumers to reduce emissions and waste across our value chain, and reuse and recycle waste and packaging.

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A productive world


We will support responsible, sustainable use of land for brewing crops. We are creating secure, sustainable supply chains both for malting barley (our biggest brewing crop) and local brewing crops such as sorghum and cassava. We are helping farmers increase profitability, productivity and social development while reducing environmental impact.

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