Attracting and retaining talent

We aim to offer appropriate and continuous career development opportunities to all our employees, whether in their current role or to prepare them for a new one

Everyone is encouraged to take ownership of their own development, supported by their manager.


Through our global learning curricula we offer more than 200 courses. These use a variety of techniques, from e-learning to sessions facilitated by leading educational institutions. 


Our new functional academies help employees develop the specialist skills they need to do their job. Through our functional academies we offer consistent training worldwide to help employees develop the specialist skills they need to do their job. For example, our Key Account Management Academy helps account managers in each of our regions to build their skills across a range of key topics, from winning with customers to effective negotiation skills dependent on individual need and market maturity.


In 2014 we introduced a new framework to develop leaders across all levels and regions. This aims to ensure that the talent needed to provide tomorrow’s leaders is identified early and properly nurtured.

By the end of 2015, 44 managing directors (MDs) will complete a Leading the Business programme aimed at developing the skills and behaviours needed to operate in a changing environment. In April 2015, we also held our first managing director forum, bringing together all our MDs to discuss strategic challenges.

More than 50 graduate trainees from finance, manufacturing, commercial and operations completed a year-long development programme aimed at building foundation leadership skills.

We systematically manage the roles most critical to delivering our business strategy, and have a global succession pool – monitored by the group’s executive committee – in place for these roles, with candidates from all regions. This year we filled 80% of these critical roles with internal candidates.

In the year ended 31 March 2015, we provided an average of 4.6 training days for every employee (2013: 3.9 days).

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Training days per employee (number of days)