Our approach to tax

In 2013, we published our first report on the role of tax in development, Our Approach to Tax, offering a new level of disclosure and sharing information on our tax principles.

The total taxes borne and collected this year by the SABMiller group, including our share of taxes paid by our US joint venture, amounted to US$9,507 million (2015: US$10,639 million). These include excise, corporate, and transactional taxes, and taxes borne by employees. Of this total, 68% was paid in developing countries. The corporate tax charge for the year was US$1,152 million (2015: US$1,273 million), and our effective tax rate was 26.3% (2015: 26.0%).

We support moves towards greater tax transparency and are actively working to share more information with key stakeholders.

We are delighted that in 2015 SABMiller won the “Tax reporting in the FTSE 350 Multinationals” category of the 2015 PwC Building Public Trust Awards, for the second consecutive year.

Find out more about our tax payments and principles in Our Approach to Tax report.

Our Approach to Tax 2016

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