Robust system of governance

Our publicly available, comprehensive policies help our employees and partners to meet our demanding standards for producing and marketing our products to encourage responsible consumption.

Our Policy on Commercial Communication (POCC) governs how and where we market our brands. The policy also incorporates the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments – a set of 10 commitments adopted by 13 global alcohol companies to promote responsible practices. The POCC states that we will not direct our marketing – including on social media – to people under the legal drinking age, or feature paid models below the age of 25 in any commercial communication. We are actively addressing gaps identified in a recent global internal audit which we commissioned in order to drive the highest standards of compliance with the POCC.

All our operating companies, with very limited exceptions in our smallest businesses, have a sales and marketing compliance committee (SMCC), which ensures that any proposed marketing materials comply with the POCC, and with local laws and national self-regulatory requirements. The SMCC has the power to reject, or demand changes to, any material that fails to comply. As at 31 March 2016, the SMCCs of almost three quarters of our businesses involved non-industry participation, including independent chairmen, or independent audits of their work. A new training programme for SMCC members was piloted in early 2016, with a full rollout to take place throughout the year.

Our Product Portfolio Policy sets minimum standards for all our products. It demonstrates our desire to lead the industry in responsible product innovation by, for example, forbidding the addition of stimulants, such as caffeine, to our beers.

Our Market Research Policy establishes global standards for ensuring that our market research does not involve or target people under the legal drinking age, and for sharing consumer insights data across markets with different legal drinking ages.