A responsible approach to land and labour

In many countries, the income earned from brewing crops provides a route out of poverty and food insecurity, giving farmers the financial resources to invest in better, more sustainable production methods.

Improving conditions and livelihoods for the farming community is at the core of our sourcing strategy.

We strive to ensure that women are economically rewarded for agricultural work, that incomes for the agricultural labour force improve, and that farms become safer places to work.

As a business operating in much of the developing world, access to land is highly significant. The UN Development Programme estimates that as much as 90% of land in sub-Saharan Africa is untitled. This lack of legal ownership leaves small-scale farmers at risk of having land sold from under them and reduces their ability to invest in their farms.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to respect the land rights of people and communities in their supply chain and operations. We are building our understanding of how we can best support farmers to obtain legal land tenure. This can prevent future disputes and related supply disruptions, and encourage them to invest in more sustainable crops.