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DVTK-fans May Root With Their Own Beer (Translation)

25 April 2012

Agreement reached between DVTK and Dreher Beer Manufacturers Zrt.

Dreher Beer Manufacturers Zrt., and the NB. 1 soccer team, DVTK, signed an Agreement of Cooperation due to begin in the spring section of the 2011-2012 Season. According to the Agreement, the parties will market a joint product, which had been introduced at a press conference last Thursday. Fans may become acquainted with this beer on March 11, during the team's first championship home game.

"I congratulate the leadership! Again, they have achieved something that we didn't even dare to hope for a few years ago.  We will have our own beer, and I will be a regular, you can count on that! GO DIÓSGYŐR!!!", one of the fans from Diósgyőr commented on the cooperation announced at the end of January.

At the Press Conference, Péter Kerekes, Marketing Director of Dreher Beer Manufacturers Zrt., and Hunor Dudás, Managing Director of Diósgyőr FC Kft. introduced the joint product bearing the name, "Kőbányai-DVTK."

"Beer and soccer fandom has been going hand-in-hand for decades. DVTK is extremely grateful to its spirited fans. Thanks to them, there is an excellent mood during the games, so it is natural that we would like to reciprocate for their perseverance. What could be a better solution for that than our own beer? Following a lengthy tender process, we decided to create the team's beer brand together with Dreher Beer Manufacturers Zrt. We have received several tenders, which we have evaluated during a number of rounds over several months. Considering numerous criteria, we have finally selected the winning tender according to which the competitor's goals matched ours best, and which was most committed to the cooperation," Hunor Dudás said.

Kőbányai-DVTK beer will make its debut on March 11 in the Diósgyőr stadium as a draught but, beginning in April, it will also be available in bottled and canned form, mostly in grocery stores and pubs within the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén.
"The new product was born from the meeting of two trademarks, Kőbányai, a high quality refreshing Hungarian beer awarded several times with the Monde Selection medal, and DVTK, one of the country's most popular teams with a rich history. We share the team's motto, ‘Together, we'll win!' So when we found out that DVTK intends to market its own beer, there was no question for us that we wanted to cooperate with the team, especially considering that Kőbányai is the second most popular beer in the region. The goals and the principal ideas were the same for both DVTK and Dreher Beer Manufacturers Zrt., thus the cooperation was realised and Kőbányai-DVTK beer was born. We hope that the beer bearing the DVTK name will help further elevate the mood at the games. This is all the more important, since it is among the goals of our company to support and assist local communities," said Péter Kerekes.

"Our long term goal is to have a world class team, and while we achieve it, we would like to create an atmosphere worthy of professionals for our fans, as well. An important component of this plan will be the revenue from the sales of Kőbányai-DVTK beer. Transparency is important for us, therefore the fans who contribute to the team's success by buying this product will be able to track what happens to this income. For this purpose, we have created a counter showing the figures, and simultaneously, we will inform our fans about our realised and planned projects. We can already say that we would like to use the revenue from the beer sales to develop the stadium," emphasised Hunor Dudás. 

For further information:

András Hollósy
PR Manager, DVTK
+36 20 391 3389

Katalin Simon
Senior PR Specialist
Dreher Beer Manufacturers (Dreher Sörgyárak) Zrt.
Tel: +36 1 432 9920

Balázs Deák
PR Consultant
Mobile: +36 20 234 1489

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [08/03/2012].

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