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Benefiting communities

Peru: Virtual school assists teaching in Peru

PC screen with Escuela Virtual Backus logo

In Peru, Backus have implemented a programme, Escuela Virtual Backus (Backus Virtual School), to support local education. This programme offers interactive educational materials for teachers with the objective to contribute towards improving the quality of Peruvian education. This is achieved by helping teachers develop new skills and by providing new educational resources that they can use.

Recently, 170 teachers graduated from the ‘Teacher Upgrade Programme’ (TUP). This programme is run by ‘Fundación Cisneros’ and is intended for Latin American elementary school teachers with the aim to promote their ongoing development. The TUP offers free online courses and educational TV programmes so teachers can improve their teaching skills on subjects that are relevant to the development of their communities.

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Romania: Encouraging local entrepreneurship

Ursus Breweries workers

Ursus Breweries constantly invests in bringing benefits and strengthening the local communities. In the last three to four years Ursus have supported the development of the Danube Delta area through different programmes such as cleaning the area, donating equipment for PET recycling and promoting the unique landscape of the region with EU and national stakeholders.

This year, as part of the launch of SABMiller's "Ten priorities. One Future." initiative, Ursus supported the cultural and gastronomic festival "D'ale Gurii Dunarii".

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Russia: Let's save springs together

A spring well

In Russia, there is a strong tradition of natural spring water consumption. However, access to this water is often limited and many can't afford it in bottled form. To address this, SABMiller Russia has initiated a project which aims to construct public springs and provide access to natural water for wider communities in the regions where production sites are located in Kaluga, Ulyanovsk and Vladivostok.

In partnership with local administrations and ministries of ecology and natural resources, popular springs will be located in each of the three regions. SABMiller Russia will then organise and finance the reconstruction works. The official opening of the springs is planned for Ulyanovsk and Kaluga in September and Vladivostok in October 2010.

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Kick-starting entrepreneurship to create lasting businesses

A man plastering a wall

In May 1995, SAB launched KickStart, a scheme to promote entrepreneurship and business skills among 18 to 35-year-olds from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. It provides training, mentoring and grants to assist small businesses. Since its formation, over 22,700 entrepreneurs have benefited from the programme and KickStart participants have set up more than 3,200 businesses.

Now in its 15th year, it's the largest and most successful entrepreneurship development project in South Africa. A recent evaluation showed that over 80% of the entrepreneurs supported by the programme were still trading after three years. In contrast, 40% of other small businesses fail in their first year rising to 60% by the end of their second year. Many of these enterprises have grown into multi-million rand organisations, employing significant numbers of people. Almost a third supply goods and services to SAB.

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Angola: Nurturing budding entrepreneurs

A group gathered together for a photo

In Angola, Coca-Cola Bottling Sul de Angola SARL (CCBSA) is the main sponsor of the Junior Achievement Project in Huila Province. Young people in four schools are challenged to create small businesses and to trade their goods at a flea market.

Over a three-month project, youngsters learn how to establish and administer their own mini-companies as well as how to market their own products.

By learning these new skills, the children were able to find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur. As well as sponsoring the project, representatives from CCBSA also volunteer to spend time as facilitators in the schools.

India: Refreshing community water supplies

A group of men sit on top of a water harvesting structure

In the state of Orissa, SABMiller India has supported the construction of five water harvesting structures. These structures have helped to improve the water availability in the region, especially for agriculture which is the primary livelihood.

Between the five projects, it is estimated that 10,000 farmers of 1,500 families in 23 villages have benefited. In addition, the structures will assist the regeneration and rejuvenation of the degraded forest resources of the area. The structures have been constructed with the participation of local people and will are managed and maintained by the community.

Italy: Training for disadvantaged young people

A trainee receives his certificate at a ceremony at Rome's Town Hall

Since 2006 Birra Peroni has been working in partnership with Comunità di S.Egidio, a community group based in Rome, to provide hospitality training for disabled people to help them find permanent employment. The company is one of the first in Italy to support an initiative of this kind.

Fifteen participants took part in the programme during 2009. Training took place at the Institute Gioberti, a catering college based in Rome. Three days were also spent at the Peroni brewery where participants learned about beer culture and draught techniques. Successful participants received awards at a ceremony in Rome’s Town Hall.

Poland: Come Rain or Shine volunteering programme

Three volunteers push wheelbarrows

In 2009, Kompania Piwowarska in Poland started its employee volunteer programme, Come Rain or Shine. This scheme enables employees to volunteer their time during working hours to support local community or charitable organisations.

Employees can submit applications for support which are then evaluated to ensure they meet the objectives of the programme. Projects might typically focus on education, healthcare, poverty, physical disability, health and fitness or cultural heritage.

During 2009, Kompania Piwowarska launched 17 voluntary projects. These involved 135 volunteers and helped 2,058 individuals (1,698 children and 360 adults).

Uganda: Clean water for farmers

Children drink from a new borehole

Nile Breweries have expanded their CSI water programme to sorghum and barley farmers to provide them with access to clean water.

Each year during the three year project, worth $120,000, the company will provide four boreholes to selected sorghum and barley farming communities in different Ugandan districts that grow the two crops.

Nile Breweries handed over the first four boreholes drilled during 2009 to the benefiting communities on November 11th 2009 at Ocapa, Soroti District, eastern Uganda, in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of State for Water, Jennifer Namuyangu.

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