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Enterprise development

Encouraging enterprise development in our value chains

Our response

Understanding our role and responsibilities in our value chain

Beer is a local product – typically brewed, sold and consumed in the same community. As a major brewer, we therefore play a key role in the economic development of the communities in which we operate. By delivering high-quality products that consumers enjoy, our businesses create jobs, pay taxes, develop local skills, encourage enterprise and demonstrate that business growth and sustainable development can be mutually reinforcing rather than in conflict.

We also understand our role and responsibilities in our value chain. That's why we've established our Group Responsible Sourcing Principles which ensure that basic human rights are acknowledged and respected by our suppliers. These cover:

  • Business conduct
  • Working conditions
  • Employment
  • Child labour
  • Wages and hours
  • Diversity
  • Freedom of association
  • Environment.

Progress against 2013 targets

2013 Target Progress

SAB (Pty) Ltd to join Sedex to strengthen its approach to responsible sourcing

SAB (Pty) Ltd is now a registered Sedex member with 29 key suppliers registered to Sedex.

Undertake a detailed review of the sustainability of our key agricultural raw materials

Working with WWF we've conducted a risk review of key agricultural raw materials.

We focus on risks and opportunities to our agricultural supply chains that are key to the business, communities and landscapes we operate in, identify priorities and develop strategies to address these, working with suppliers where appropriate.

2014 targets

  • Develop sustainable agriculture targets for Africa following the achievement of Africa's target a year early to source 50% of agricultural raw materials from the Africa continent.
  • Develop a Supplier Development plan, which amongst other things aims at increasing local supplies of production inputs e.g. barley – as part of our contribution to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa.
  • Become a global member of Sedex, rather than managing suppliers through separate local Sedex memberships.

Position paper

Enterprise Development and Value Chain Management: Building value chains that promote economic empowerment and development.

Download Enterprise development position paper PDF (0.63Mb)

Position paper on supply chains