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Water in Uganda 00:02:31

This film highlights the water management challenges faced by Nile Breweries in Uganda


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Manual distribution centres

Manual Distribution Centre

Zambian Breweries Ltd created its Manual Distribution Centre (MDC) programme for soft drinks distribution in order to give company employees and external entrepreneurs the opportunity of becoming independent business owners.

MDCs serve outlets in high-density areas where normal, motorised delivery methods are not suitable. Relying on push-carts and wheelbarrows, they generally employ two people – a runner who makes the deliveries and a salesman who responds to walk-in sales, supervises the runner, is accountable for stock, sales, operations and distribution and reports directly into the business owner.

On average, each centre has about 60 customers and can expect to sell 90 cases of soft drinks a day with the runner delivering 60 cases and 30 cases sold to walk-in customers. The programme provides employment and business development opportunities for around 190 people serving around 16,000 customers.

Clean water for the community in Mozambique

Two men standing by a water fountain

In many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, access to drinking water can often be a challenge. In partnership with the Mozambique Foundation for Community Development, Cervejas de Moçambique has funded two projects in Maputo with the aim of providing clean water for over 13,000 people.

Both projects involve constructing a borehole, installing water tanks and solar-powered pumps and providing water and sanitation education to the community. The aim is not only to improve access to clean water but also to reduce illnesses such as malaria, diarrhoea and cholera. Separately, a further 6,000 people in Beira should benefit from the provision of drinking water fountains.

Tackling HIV/Aids in the value chain

Row of people on bicycles

The Nile Breweries Ltd (NBL) HIV/Aids programme in Uganda includes employees, sorghum farmers, the local community, truck drivers and retailers. So far more than 4,800 people have been trained by peer educators and 29% of these people have been through voluntary counselling and testing (VCT). During 2008, 10,000 condoms were distributed to our supply chain.

NBL has also provided training in home-based care to those looking after HIV/Aids patients as well as psycho-social and material support to HIV/Aids orphans and vulnerable children. At present, 99% of HIV-positive employees are on managed healthcare programmes. Since 2007, 248 NBL third-party truck drivers have been trained in HIV/Aids awareness and more than 50% of these reported for VCT at the NBL clinic. In the retail and service trade, 800 workers from across Uganda have taken part in HIV/Aids awareness-raising activities.

NBL’s HIV/Aids programme was recognised when the company received the Best Corporate Citizen – Corporate Social Responsibility award at the 2008 Investor of the Year Awards organised by the Uganda Investment Authority.

HIV/Aids in Uganda 00:02:15

This film demonstrates how SABMiller is working in local communities to help contribute to the reduction of HIV/Aids in Uganda


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