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A May Weekend with a Breathalyzer

28 April 2009

During every weekend or at the holiday time, the number of people who want to check their alcohol blood count to see if they are able to drive a car grows substantially. How to do it? Here are three ways to help you get back home safely after a May weekend.

All you need is a mobile phone, and to send a text message which includes your age, gender, weight and amount of consumed alcohol in order to receive within a few seconds the information regarding the blood alcohol level count and the time needed to elapse before you can drive safely again. It is made possible through a program "Sprawdź promile" [Check Your Blood Alcohol Level Count], made available by Kompania Piwowarska, and has been utilized in the last six months by over 12 thousand people. The safe blood alcohol count received in the return text message is calculated on the basis of an algorithm of the alcohol curve (the Widmark model), provided by the National Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems. In order to have the detailed instructions on how to send a text message always readily available, it is advisable to print it from the website:

The simple text-message system has recently been complemented with another possibility of checking the blood alcohol level count at the stationary Breathalyzers installed at restaurants and pubs.
10 pubs which had taken part in the competition and sent the most interesting entries regarding the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption had professional Breathalyzers installed. They can be used by people all over Poland as the machines have been installed in establishments ranging from Lublin through Katowice and Opole all the way to Poznań and Kartuzy. The full list of prize-winning establishments is available on the program Internet site.

The people who are nowhere near a stationary Breathalyzer and would still like to know how alcohol may have impaired their organism can utilize the possibility of the available Internet blood alcohol level count calculator. One can easily enter the amount and kind of consumed alcohol on the site to see how the count changes with the passage of time. As proven by the statistics, this website is frequently visited by Internet users. Last month alone, it registered nearly 9 thousand hits. Alongside the alcohol blood count calculator, the site offers many interesting tidbits regarding alcohol-related truths and myths, as well as info on permitted alcohol blood count limit in other European countries, which may prove extremely useful when traveling.

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