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The Champions of Environmental Protection Have Been Rewarded

12 November 2012

Budapest, October 8th, 2012 - The KÖVET Association has rewarded the champions in environmental saving as part of the 10th “Money Thrown In” program (“Ablakon Bedobott Pénz Program”). The winners received their awards during the 17th KÖVET conference, which was entitled Enterprise 2020 (Vállalkozás 2020) and was organised at the Hotel Gellért on October 17th. In the past ten years, 434 investments and developments without investment were regrouped from 84 organisations which resulted in a 27.47 billion forint savings for the companies.

The “Money Thrown In” program is the KÖVET Association's most successful program, which started out in 2002, aimed at proving that the protection of the environment is not money thrown out. In the past ten years, 434 investments and developments without investment were regrouped from 84 organisations which resulted in a 27.47 billion forint savings for the companies. They have saved 658 litres of fuel, which would be enough for 3,916 cars with an average consumption to travel from Budapest to Brussels and back, 764 Gwh electric energy, which is the equivalent of the average annual consumption of 380,000 families living in housing estates and 56 million m3 of natural gas which is enough to cover the yearly need of 43,000 households.

This year, 11 companies applied with 48 measures which helped to save 1.6 billion forints altogether. Most organisations presented measures aimed at saving energy and water but many actions were also taken in offices to help save paper and collect waste selectively. The organisations taking part in 2012 were: State Motorway Management Co. Ltd, Audi Hungaria Motor Kft., DENSO Gyártó Magyarország Kft., Dreher Breweries Ltd., IKEA Lakberendezési Kft., KELER Zrt., Mars Incorporated., MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company , sanofi-aventis/Chinoin Zrt.,Tetra Pak, Valeo Auto-Electric Magyarország Kft..

The actions taken by MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company in its Danube refinery were rewarded with prize for the best immediate actions, which do not require investment. By changing the parameters of the distillation column of the aromatic compounds, the equivalent of 84-85,000 GJ in natural gas and 4.5 kt of CO2  could be saved in the first phase of the development, without any investment costs. This quantity of energy would be sufficient to cover the annual natural gas consumption of 1,500 family homes.

The jury rewarded Dreher Breweries Ltd. for reducing the loss of flash steam in the category of investments returning in 3 years. This means 300 GJ of flash steam, the equivalent of 9 200 Gm3 natural gas, will be saved every year by the company.

In the category of investments returning in more than 3 years, Chinoin Ltd. was awarded the first prize. By modernising the reverse osmosis based production of the cleaned water needed for production, the emition of toxic  substances, as well as water consumption are reduced, which means  43 m3 of hydrochloric acid, 8 m3  of sodium-hydroxide and 20 000 m3 of water are saved every year.

The jury gave the Energy Management special prize to Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. for its development of temperature regain. The Office Green Savings special prize was awarded to the central printing project of KELER, which resulted in a 30% drop in their paper usage.

The winners were awarded the prizes by Dr. Georg Winter, the pioneer of environment-friendly enterprise leadership. The winners get a chance to take part in the competition for the EU's “European Business Award for the Environment”. Measures which took part in the competition will be featured in the casework entitled Money Thrown In 10 and the database of .

Sponsors of the 17th KÖVET conference, Entreprise 2020 : Unilever Hungary, Zwack Unicum Plc., Knauf Insulation.
Professional partners: CSR Europe, INEM, SGS Hungária, BÜCHL Hungaria Ltd., BCCH, HBLF, The Association of Environmental Enterprises (KSZGYSZ), Hungarian Association for Innovation, Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists, Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management.

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For further information please contact:
Rita Halmavánszki , KÖVET Association
Tel.: +36 1 473-2290

Notes to the editors:

1. KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies

KÖVET is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in 1995, aimed at experience-sharing on environmental-conscious company operation. The association is a member of the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM), of CSR Europe and of the Global Footprint Network. Its long term goal is to help the organisations in the realisation of sustainable development, which is why it focuses not only on the protection of the environment, but also social and economical responsibilities of companies. 109 companies of different sizes and industries, as well as many partner organisations (universities, governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations) take part in the Association's work. The secretary general of KÖVET is Dr. Gergely Tóth, the president of Board is László Vagdalt, the current vice-president of the INEM. For further information please refer to:

2. Dr. Georg Winter

Dr. Georg Winter is the one who introduced and realised the general methodology of environmental friendly company operations, which was later named after him as the Winter-model. He is also responsible for the concept and implementation of the first ecologically friendly factory building. He is the founder of the two big organisations dealing with environmental friendly company operations, the German Environmental Management Association, B A U M, which has nearly 500 members and of the INEM (International Network for Environmental Management), which regroups national associations. In 1995, the Hungarian KÖVET, Association for Sustainable Economies was inspired by the book describing the Winter model, Blueprint for green management, which was so popular in Germany, it was reprinted six times. Soon after, the Hungarian version of the book, “Zölden és nyereségesen”  (Green and profitable) was publish and it won a year later the prize for Best Technical Literature in Environment Management.

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