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SABMiller backs UK government initiative on public health

15 March 2011

SABMiller plc and its UK subsidiary Miller Brands have given strong backing to the UK government's first Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD), announced today. The Deal is a significant initiative and represents a new approach from the Department of Health to get industry, NGOs, the public health community and government working together to address public health challenges.

As a signatory to the PHRD, we have committed to a series of pledges focused on tackling alcohol abuse and encouraging people to drink responsibly.

We have worked with the government on the PHRD since its inception and have signed up to the pledges because we believe this joined-up approach is the most effective way of tackling alcohol abuse.

Sue Clark, SABMiller's Director of Corporate Affairs said; "It makes complete sense for the government to get all relevant parties around the table to find ways of addressing alcohol abuse. A complex, multi-faceted problem like alcohol abuse requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted response - and that is what the Public Health Responsibility Deal provides. It sets out practical, measurable and deliverable steps which can be a real catalyst for change if everyone plays their part".

We and the Deal's other partners have signed up to five core commitments relating to food, physical activity, alcohol, and health in the workplace. The pledge on alcohol says: "We will foster a culture of responsible drinking, which will help people to drink within guidelines".

We have also signed up to four of the "collective pledges" that relate to our business: clear labelling of our products, support for the charity Drinkaware, strengthening responsible marketing practices within the industry, and supporting local partnerships to address social and health harms.

Finally, we have made three individual pledges, which focus on helping consumers make informed choices about alcohol, providing support for the responsible retailing of alcohol and supporting research into effective ways of promoting a culture of responsible drinking. We will publish details of our progress against all these commitments, recognising, however, that making pledges is just one step on the journey to success.


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