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Digital Teacher rewards initiatives from innovative teachers (Translation)

24 September 2010

There are 19 winners nationwide

- The contest promoted by Backus received 178 projects nationwide; 46% corresponded to Lima and 54% to the provinces.
- The goal of the contest is to contribute ideas for the reduction of the digital and cognitive gap between teachers and students.
- The awards ceremony took place in the context of a technological fair with workshops and exhibitions for the general public.

Lima, September 23rd, 2010 - The Digital Teacher contest awarded 24 teachers nationwide (see attached document) who presented educational projects with the goal to innovate and improve teaching through new technological tools.

It is worth mentioning that this contest started to receive projects on March 24th and finished on September 18th in an emotional ceremony where the teachers' efforts, interests and innovative skills were recognised in five different categories. The awards ceremony took place in the Law Auditorium of the PUCP and was attended by Mrs. Nanci Torrejón, Secretary of the National Council of Education, Dr. Elena Valdiviezo Gainza, Dean of the Faculty of Education from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), Carmen Paqué Cabrejos, Administrative Coordinator of the PUCP Research Centre and Educational Services, Mrs. Rocío Flores, Director of the Educational Professional Development of the Division of Educational Technologies of the Education Ministry, as well as participants, organizers, sponsors and other notables from the educational world.

During the awards ceremony, the winners received a certificate recognising the creativity and quality in the development of their resources. In addition, laptops, cameras, video cameras and integral grants for graduates and teaching courses in the PUCP were also awarded. Besides acknowledging teachers, the ceremony emphasised the roles played by society and the business sector in promoting contests such as Digital Teacher.

Projects presented
This edition of Digital Teacher had a great reception, with 178 applications presented nationwide, of which 46% were from teachers from Lima, followed by Arequipa and Lambayeque (11% and 8% respectively).
As for the categories, 39% were blogs, 25% presented multimedia aids, 15% WebQuests and 13% audiovisual formats and Wikis.

The winners stood out in six categories: quality of the application, innovative content, utility and relevance of the application, functionality and viability of the application, educational design and graphic design. There was a rigorous rating system carried out by the Evaluation Committee, comprised of a technical and pedagogical team of specialists in education from the PUCP. Afterwards, the chosen projects were presented to the members of the Final Jury, who were in charge of choosing the winners and honourable mentions.

Digital Fair
In addition to the awards ceremony, the Applied Digital Teacher Fair also took place, where teachers and teaching professionals were encouraged to integrate technology into the common activities of teaching and learning. Several updates were announced in a number of conferences, workshops and exhibits in the PUCP Faculty of Education, where at the end of the fair, the participants received attendance certificates. Entrance was free and it turned out to be very popular.

About Digital Teacher
Digital Teacher is an initiative of the Association of Peruvian Breweries Backus and Johnston, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and the National Council of Education. The goal of the contest is to contribute ideas to reduce the digital and cognitive gap between teachers and students.

This contest is directed to incorporate the use of the new Information Technologies and Communication (ITC) in the educational and developing process. In other words, the educational proposal introduces a tool that generates interaction among the students as well as reinforces and facilitates learning. With the joint effort of the Peruvian State and the Peruvian business sectors, Digital Teacher promotes integration technology at the educational level. It is worth mentioning that the Digital Teacher contest goes hand in hand with the National Education Project 2021 proposed by the National Council of Education.

To receive more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Comunicaciones Externas Backus (311-3000)
Yohana Medina / Karin Acevedo
Llorente & Cuenca (222-9491)

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