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Tanzania Breweries LTD (TBL) launches water project to benefit Tanzanian communities (Translation)

20 August 2010

Dar es Salaam, August 06, 2010:

Tanzania Breweries Ltd today launched a project to provide safe drinking water to the Mchikichini community of Dar es Salaam. This is a part of TBL's NO WATER THERE IS NO LIFE "Hakuna Maji Hakuna Uhai" project in which TBL will invest 1.3 billion Tanzania shillings over a three-year period. The whole amount of money will be used for rehabilitation and to restore hand pumps that are not working due to defects. It will also be used to build and train people on how to construct Rain Water Harvesting in public places (e.g. schools, hospitals) and also drilling of water boreholes. Moreover, the project will support the government's "National Rural Water Sector Strategic Plan," which is aimed at improving access to clean and safe water in rural areas. As the project is still under preparation, the criteria for small project funding in Tanzania will be communicated to the community.

Access to clean and safe water is a major problem in Tanzania. Many areas in the country have no access to sufficient water for either domestic or agricultural use. The Mchikichini area of Dar es Salaam is no exception.
Announcing the project in Dar es Salaam today, TBL's Managing Director Robin Goetzsche said that he hoped this initiative by the company would alleviate many of the hardships being experienced by the Mchikichini community.

"Many people take water for granted and it is only when clean water is not available that they realize just how important a reliable supply of water is," he said. "A lack of access to safe drinking water is a threat to public health and poverty reduction for many people. Through this investment we hope not only to supply clean and safe water but also to educate the community in sensible water management."

The project is centered on the provision of safe drinking water from taps that will operate at specified times during the day. Mr. Goetzsche requested the local authority in the Mchikichini ward to establish a water committee in the area, so as to have a system in place to manage the water project and the supply of water.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Honourable William Lukuvi said, "The government appreciates the efforts of private organizations joining hands with the government to improve the lives of the people of Tanzania and thereby providing a means to eradicate poverty in the country. TBL management should know that this project will not only serve the people of Mchikichini but also the two schools in the area." He also said that the people from the Karume market will also benefit.

About TBL
Tanzania Breweries Limited (a subsidiary of SABMiller plc) manufactures, sells and distributes clear beer, alcoholic fruit beverages and non-alcoholic beverages within Tanzania. TBL has controlling interests in Tanzania Distilleries Limited.

TBL's clear beer brands include Safari Lager, Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, Ndovu Special Malt, Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Castle Milk Stout, Redds original, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, Grand Malt, Balimi Extra Lager, Eagle Lager, Eagle Dark, Bia Bingwa and Safari Sparkling Water, Other prominent brands associated with the TBL group are Konyagi Gin and Amarula Cream.

The TBL group is listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, employs about 1,400 people and is represented throughout the country with 4 clear beer breweries, a distillery, a malting facility and 5 distribution depots.

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For more information contact:
TBL: - Meneja Uhusiano - 0767 266 420 - Afisa Uhusiano - 0715 050559

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 06/08/2010.


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