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Contest: “Digital Teacher” reached the last stage (Translation)

7 September 2009

Teachers participated nationally

- The contest promotes the development of digital educational resources
- 55% of the resources came from provinces and 45% from Lima
- The environment and mathematics were the most popular contents

Lima, September 2, 2009. - The nominations and the reception of digital educational resources developed by teachers and education students participating in the Digital Teacher Contest have come to an end. The contest is promoted by Backus, the Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), the newspaper El Comercio and it is sponsored by the RPP, the National Education Board, and Businesses for Education, among other institutions.

According to the organizers of the contest, they received close to 300 digital educational resources, 55% of which come from province teachers and 45% from Lima. Most of the resources developed were presented in the categories of multimedia (32%) and blogs (25%), while the content was in the subjects of Environment (33%) and Mathematics (28%).

The evaluation of the digital educational resources will be carried on in two phases. First, the Evaluating Committee composed of a technical and pedagogical team and education specialists from the PUCP, will select the finalists based on six criteria: quality of the resource, innovative content, usefulness of the resource, and relevance, functionality and viability of the resource, didactic design and graphic design. Then, in the second phase, the finalists will be evaluated by the members of the Final Jury, who will be responsible for defining and selecting the winners and/or honorable mentions.

The organizers of the Digital Teacher Contest stated that the awards ceremony will be held on September 18th at the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the winners from Lima and the provinces, as well as of authorities from the education sector will be present. "This contest has demonstrated that teachers are already using the support of technology and that there is no lack of skills at the moment of developing resources. We hope more educators join this effort and continue to create and share resources," said Mrs. Malena Morales Valentín, Backus Director of Sustainable Development.

It is worth mentioning that the Digital Teacher Contest is aligned with the National Education Project proposed by the National Education Board, and it was developed with the purpose of improving the quality of Peruvian education by reducing the digital and cognitive gap between teachers and students. The aim of this contest is to incorporate the use of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the educational and formative process. That is, to assure that the tool has an educational purpose that permits the interaction among students, besides reinforcing and facilitating the learning process. This way, "Digital Teacher" joins the efforts that the Peruvian government and the business sector have been working on to promote technology at the educational level, achieve its inclusion and reduce the digital gap at the faculty level.

For more information contact:
Cecilia Quevedo / Dora Vallejos
Backus External Communications - 311-3000
Samuel Saiz /Carlos Solari
Llorente & Cuenca - 222-9491

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