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Supporting the community in El Salvador

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La Constancia supports the Coca-Cola Company’s ‘Water for my School’ programme as part of its commitment to water stewardship. It has funded three rainwater harvesting systems in schools in El Salvador, bringing year-round running water to 1,400 under-privileged children.

Running in parallel with this project has been the creation of a computer centre in the community of San Francisco de Asis adjacent to La Constancia’s brewery. This has provided over 1,000 families with access to IT facilities that would otherwise have been beyond their reach. Able to take 360 students a year, the centre gives 176 hours of classes a month with the teacher paid by the company. Four former students are now working in private companies, utilising the skills that they learned in the computer centre.

Working to eradicate child labour in El Salvador

Child labour is a risk in El Salvador’s sugarcane plantations where the hazardous, laborious nature of the work makes it even more important to eradicate child labour from the supply chain.

Industrias La Constancia, in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, has been supporting a multi-stakeholder effort led by the El Salvador Sugar Association and the local government, to ensure that these children receive schooling and appropriate, less hazardous work opportunities in line with internationally agreed standards.

Work has included building awareness of the issue, monitoring the cane plantations and supporting education and alternative production projects. These are particularly important as they create viable alternatives for generating family income without relying on children’s wages. Nearly 6,000 children have so far been withdrawn from work as a result.

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