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Generating inclusive growth

We understand that our profitability depends on healthy communities, growing economies and the responsible use of scarce natural resources. We integrate these issues into our business through our 10 sustainable development priorities.

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Discouraging irresponsible

Working to combat the harmful use of alcohol and provide balanced and accurate information.

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Making more beer using less water

Making more beer using less water

Taking a holistic and partnership approach to tackling water challenges.

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Reducing our energy and carbon footprint

Improving our energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases.

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Packaging, reuse and recycling

Ensuring a sustainable approach to the design, reuse and disposal of packaging.

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Working towards zero waste operations

Seeking ways to eliminate, reuse and recycle waste.

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Encouraging enterprise development in our value chains

Promoting enterprise development and local sourcing of raw materials.

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Benefiting communities

Supporting entrepreneurship and contributing to the
communities in which we work.

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Contributing to the reduction of HIV/Aids

Working to reduce HIV/Aids among employees, suppliers and local communities.

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Respecting human rights

Working to protect the human rights of our employees and those in our value chain.

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Sustainable development

Enterprise Development

Sustaining and Scaling the Impact of Enterprise Development Programmes report cover

This report draws on SABMiller’s experience to show how strengthening the underlying business ecosystem around an enterprise development programme can enhance sustainability and impact.

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