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Empowering women

Our priorities: Human Rights

'Empowering women in Lesotho'

Maluti Premium Lager


In Lesotho, Maluti Mountain Brewery held its second annual Women's Empowerment Day for female employees and the wives and partners of male employees. The event, popular with employees and their families, aims to encourage local female entrepreneurship as well as to improve the uptake of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) for HIV among employees' spouses.

A woman doing a talkThe event, which was attended by 120 people, enabled the families of employees to tour the brewery and learn more about it. Guests had the opportunity to hear a presentation from a local female entrepreneur as well as talks on issues ranging from business skills and hygiene to non-communicable diseases and HIV. Free VCT was available, helping Maluti to improve the uptake among employees' spouses.

Our priorities: Human rights

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