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Peroni Gran Riserva


At Birra Peroni, we have a packaging sustainability strategy which helps us to seek opportunities to reduce the carbon emissions and waste associated through our packaging.

Over the last year, we have worked to standardise the packaging of our products and lightweight the glass 330ml bottles used for Peroni Gran Riserva. The weight of the bottles has been reduced by 40%, from 310g to 185g. We estimate that this will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging, saving 750 tonnes of glass and about 600 tonnes of C02e per year.

A glass recycling machine Reducing the amount of packaging we use is only part of the story; we have also worked to encourage consumers to recycle through our “Adopt a Square” project. Working in partnership with the Municipality of Rome, we’ve placed four glass recycling machines in popular squares across the city, to provide a convenient way for local bars to recycle glass bottles. Between March and October 2011, nearly 6000 bottles were recycled through each machine.

We are also working to encourage the re-introduction of returnable bottles in Italy. Working alongside the Italian Federation of wholesalers and drinks distributors, we conducted a lifecycle assessment of different packaging types. This demonstrated the lower carbon emissions associated with returnable bottles. In the future, I hope that returnable bottles will once again be used in Italy.

Leonardo Di Stefano – Packaging Manager, Birra Peroni

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