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Our priorities: Human rights

'An evidence-based approach to tackling poverty'

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Last year, we published a poverty footprint report PDF (3.78Mb) with Oxfam America and The Coca-Cola Company to understand the impact that our soft drinks value chain has on reducing poverty.

The report looked at a range of poverty indicators from sustainable livelihoods, health and wellbeing to diversity, empowerment, security and stability. I was pleased that the report found that labour conditions, environmental protection and human rights were generally well respected at our bottling plants. But the report also made recommendations about things we could do better. These included looking more closely into any cases of failed factory grievances or dispute resolution systems; developing business training and support for women across the soft drink value chain (making efforts, in particular, to recruit women for non-traditional and senior management jobs); and safeguarding the health and safety of workers in our supply chain.

This year we've been busy making the recommendations a reality. For example, we've worked with our independent truck drivers to seek to limit the number of hours they work so they don't get too tired or lose concentration. We've even taken a decision to suspend all night deliveries.

We're also working to improve our local sourcing. There are already many small businesses working across our value chain - suppliers, truck drivers, retailers and others. We want to help these SMEs to share their experiences and learn from each other, so we're creating a process to help capture and share best practice. We're looking for new local businesses that can supply materials we currently import, and we've signed a business-linkages agreement with the Zambia Development Agency.

Finally, we're always looking to innovate. This year we launched a pilot project in partnership with ColaLife to use our soft drink distribution chains to supply anti-diarrhoea kits to under-served rural areas.

Anele Malumo - Managing Director, Zambian Breweries plc



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Our priorities: Human rights

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Oxfam Poverty Footprint

Report with Oxfam America, on the socio-economic impact of the SABMiller and Coca-Cola Company value chain in El Salvador and Zambia.

Download the report PDF (3.78Mb)

Oxfam Poverty Footprint report 2011

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