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World Water Week 2013

How Can Corporate Water Stewardship Partnerships Benefit Society?

The theme of World Water Week 2013 reflected the fact that this year has, by the UN General Assembly, been declared the 'International Year of Water Cooperation'. In Stockholm this was articulated as 'Water Cooperation: Building Partnerships'.

We asked some of the participants for their thoughts on collaboration, the need for partnerships and the role of the private sector in addressing the water challenge.


Thoughts from World Water Week 2013 - Part 1 00:04:01

Live from World Water Week on Tuesday 3 September 2013

David Grant, SABMiller's Senior Manager for Water Risks and Partnership participated in a discussion on How to Ensure Sustainability and Long Term Benefits for Society, alongside speakers from GIZ, UNCEO Water Mandate and the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

The dynamics within water resources management are changing with the increasing participation of the private sector. Corporate water users increasingly perceive water scarcity, quality degradation and flooding as direct business risks. Where these risks are shared by communities and ecosystems, indirect regulatory and reputation risks can also arise for business. Institutional factors, such as weak regulation and governance, are often identified as a significant contributors to the manifestation of these risks. In response, businesses are partnering with NGOs, donors and governments in collective action to attempt to mitigate shared water risks.