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Digitally promoting alcohol responsibility by Dreher Breweries at Hungary

Our Priorities: Alcohol responsibility

'Digitally promoting alcohol responsibility'

Dreher Breweries


Dreher Breweries has a well-established Alcohol Responsibility Programme which aims to initiate dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption among Hungarian adults, the government and NGOs.

As part of the campaign over the last year, Dreher developed two tools to promote responsible consumption. The first was an online Alcohol Knowledge quiz. Promoted on and Facebook, this quiz provides an interactive way for consumers to test and improve their knowledge of alcohol. Over the last year, the quiz received over 14,000 hits on the website and 4,928 users tested themselves on Facebook.

Alcohol responsibility's Facebook page screenshot

Secondly, Dreher promoted a customised blood alcohol content calculator to be used either online or using a mobile phone. This tool allows consumers to receive an estimate of their blood alcohol content level after entering information on how many drinks they have had.

Dreher SMS campaign application send by Bluetooth to approximately 15,000 phone owners To promote this tool, Dreher ran a SMS campaign to send the application to approximately 15,000 phone owners. The tool was also promoted in a number restaurants and clubs where it was made free to download using Bluetooth.



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