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Our Priorities: Packaging

'Promoting recycling'



MillerCoors has a 2015 goal to reduce the overall annual weight of its retail packaging materials by 2% from a 2008 baseline. In the past year, MillerCoors has reduced the amount of retail packaging it uses by 5.9 million tonnes, primarily by using a lower gauge of cardboard for 24-pack cases or 12-ounce cans across all brands.

Another way this has been achieved has been by switching from glass to lighter aluminium packaging for some products. For example during 2010, MillerCoors released two craft beers, Blue Moon Belgian White and Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, in cans for the first time.

To promote awareness of recycling amongst consumers of Miller Lite, MillerCoors has also developed a recycling platform to encourage consumers to recycle glass, plastic and aluminum packaging by launching a marketing campaign that included branded posters, billboards, recycling bins and social and other media.

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