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Taung farmer project

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'Taung farmer project'

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South Africa

Before 1990 in South Africa, barley was only produced in the rain-fed region of the South Western Cape. However, due to the climatic risk of producing the crop in just one geographical area, SAB Ltd launched a project to identify and cultivate alternative crop producing regions in central South Africa. This also gave the opportunity to experiment with different barley varieties than those adapted to the Southern Cape environment.

The Taung project was launched in 1994 in partnership with the North West Department of Agriculture, Conservation, Environment and Rural Development and the local tribal authority. It spans approximately 1,500 hectares of land and helps around 150 farmers generate an income from barley and maize in the area. SAB Ltd provides the finance to the farmers to grow the crops, agricultural extension services to ensure yields and quality and guarantees a market for the product.

Grain farmers at South Africa

Through a partnership with GrainSA (a voluntary association of grain farmers) the project is able to provide skills that empower farmers to work independently on a sustainable basis. In September 2010, the project was recognised as the African Agricultural Commodities Initiative of the Year during the inaugural Africa Investor Agribusiness Investment Awards.


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