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Small-scale Grain Farmers in Colombia

Our Priorities: Enterprise Development

'Working with Small-scale Grain Farmers in Colombia'



In 2008, Bavaria initiated its Grain Project to explore how it could better support local suppliers of malting barley to help ensure a sustainable long-term supply as well as increase levels of rural employment and economic development.

To date over 1,060 hectares of grain have been planted. Last year, 75 hectares were planted of which 50 hectares were planted in partnership with five small farmers (each owning approximately 10 hectares of land). While implementing the new line of crops, the farmers also received training on aspects relating to crop management and were taught about the malt and beer production process. In addition, a seminar was held to provide farmers with details on how they could form a collective.

A key aspect of the project has been research into different seed varieties. Over the last year, a number of trials were held using 20 different seed varieties designed especially for a hot climate.

Farmer working Small-scale grain farmers working in Colombia


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