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Dreher Breweries


Dreher Breweries has been running its 'Young Entrepreneur of the Future' competition for students from colleges and universities for the last five years. The programme offers financial and professional support to students to launch their own business. This year, there was a record number of 118 applicants from 33 different academic institutions.

Dreher Breweries

To apply, the entrants must submit a business plan which presents their business idea (either a product or service) and targets. This plan must be supported by market analysis, equipment requirements and organisational and financial plans. Following the submissions, a selection panel determines the top ten applicants who are then invited to make a presentation. The jury then selects the top three who are awarded grants to help start-up their enterprises. In addition, the winners also receive six months of legal, taxation and accounting consultation. The jury is made up of well known business professors, entrepreneurs and business men and women.

Dreher's main two partners for the programme are the Életpálya Foundation and Ecosim Ltd. The Életpálya Foundation is an NGO who provides training, preselects the top business plans and provides support to the winners whereas Ecosim Ltd. is responsible for the project management and recruitment. Over the last five years, the programme has provided financial support and consultation to 12 young entrepreneurs.

Dreher Breweries

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