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Responsible drinking

Discouraging irresponsible drinking

Africa: Africa adopts consistent alcohol labelling

An example of the new consistent product labelling

This year our African businesses agreed to standardise their approach to product labelling to ensure a consistent message across all products and countries with regard to responsible drinking.

With effect from April 2009, all new packaging includes one of two clear messages on the label:

• Not for sale to persons under the age of 18

• Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health.

Each business has been given clear guidelines on how these messages should be used. For example, each must be rotated regularly across product ranges and the message size must be at least 8% of the area of the label.

India: India - Getting party-goers home safely

Driving Campaign Poster for India

In India, statistics show that the most number of accidental deaths in the country are primarily due to drink driving. In recognition of the situation, SABMiller India has launched a campaign that goes beyond spreading awareness of responsible consumption to offer a safe solution.

The campaign, under the brand Foster’s was designed in association with Party Hard Drivers (PHD). The company deals in providing drivers on an hourly basis and can be reached by a phone call. Consumers driving to pubs and bars can call the drivers who safely give them a lift home.

This campaign has proved a success. In December 2009, over 1500 people used the service to transport them home safely.

Romania: Providing information in Romania

As part of their ongoing alcohol responsibility programme Ursus Breweries has launched the "desprealcool" website. This Romanian version of '' provides consumers with accurate and balanced information about alcohol consumption.

At the same time the business launched 'Find your equilibrium', a long term campaign to present information on various aspects of alcohol consumption. The first stage of the programme launched in July 2010 was aimed at young people above the legal drinking age and provides information on alcohol consumption in social situations aiming to demonstrate that beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of people, when it is drunk responsibly. The campaign seeks to engage stakeholders groups in debates covering the implications of alcohol consumption, both physical and social.

Hungary: Dreher Breweries Alcohol Responsibility Programme

Programme poster

The aim of Dreher Breweries’ Alcohol Responsibility Programme was to initiate a dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption among Hungarian adults, the government and NGOs using a dedicated website at

Visitors to the website can access relevant information including the expert opinion of scientists, government officials and others on responsible alcohol consumption.

In its first year the website attracted 131,910 visitors. In an independent survey, 89% of visitors found the website interesting, 79% found it credible and 64% thought it contained content that met their personal interests.

One feature of the programme was that it enables stakeholders to share information and openly state their positions on alcohol. In all, 504 comments on 31 different topics were posted on the website. 68% of visitors argued for moderate consumption, 70% emphasised the importance of personal responsibility, 52% wrote about their personal experience and 20% of visitors asked for help or advice.

Czech Republic: Debate addresses alcohol issues

Plzeňský Prazdroj talking at a workshop

In March 2010, Plzeňský Prazdroj, hosted a workshop with SANANIM, one of the largest NGOs in the Czech Republic focusing on the prevention and treatment of a variety of addictions, to encourage a variety of organisations to work collaboratively to reduce drink driving across Europe.

Under the title "Alcohol Behind the Wheels" the workshop was attended by representatives of national and international legislations, of the executive branch and beer makers as well as non-governmental bodies and was the first event of its kind in the Czech Republic. Experts came from a number of different European countries including Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania as well as the Czech Republic.

The meeting began with trying to find a common platform, which would effectively lead partners to cooperation on larger programmes with various focuses. An example of such cooperation is the Promile INFO service, which is run by the civic association SANANIM in association with Plzeňský Prazdroj. This service informs drivers of the approximate level of alcohol remaining in their bloodstreams. Thanks to contributions by breweries from the SABMiller group towards this initiative, it has also been launched in Slovakia and in Poland.

Europe: Preventing underage alcohol sales in Poland

In Poland, our ‘Underage Access Denied!’ initiative educates retailers not to serve alcohol to underage people.

The programme consists of a comprehensive mix of education and server training at retail outlets and music festivals, as well as a series of 25 television programmes, produced in cooperation with National TV, that address the social problem of alcohol sales to minors.

The initiative has the support of experts, government and non-government institutions.

El Salvador: Identify Yourself with El Salvador

In September 2009, Industrias La Constancia in alliance with Glasswing International (a regional non-profit organization that specializes in public-private partnerships and corporate citizenship initiatives) launched the ‘Identify Yourself with Your Country’ program. This initiative seeks to prevent the sale of beer to minors in San Salvador, Santa Tecla and Soyapango by offering educational programs and social work aimed to schools, businesses and local government.

This cross-sector public health initiative brings together key stakeholders to heighten awareness and promote self-regulation and law enforcement around underage drinking and responsible consumption. With a total investment of under $50,000 for 1 year, 2,500 primary and middle school students are completing a one-day course on helping them to avoid underage drinking, ongoing community-based prevention campaigns are being implemented in 3 municipalities, and 1,000 representatives from over 50 points of sale are being trained on responsible practices.

The duration of the pilot program is one year. However, this project will continue over the long-term, always ensuring the different levels of work (at schools, communities and points of sale) are incorporated to achieve the greatest impact.

Czech Republic: SMS campaign in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, our ‘Promile SMS’ campaign is helping to keep drunk drivers and drunk cyclists off the road.

People can send a text message stating how much they’ve had to drink, along with their weight and gender, to a service provider. They then receive a message estimating their present blood alcohol content level and roughly how long it will take before this will drop to zero.

The Czech Ministry of Health has endorsed the programme.

Italy: Discouraging drink driving after large events

In Italy, we’re helping to keep drunk drivers off the road after large events.

We start by training event staff on how to serve alcohol responsibly. At the events, we provide free water and a leaflet on not drinking and driving to attendees, and offer free taxi rides to anyone who needs them.

Poland: Discouraging drink driving in Poland

Drinking and driving Poland poster

In Poland, we’re working with the Polish Brewers Association to keep drunk drivers off the road. The campaign aims to educate young people that you should never drink and drive. It includes incentives for getting home safely by bus or taxi and educational games, and encourages friends to nominate a designated driver on a night out.

Ecuador: Thousands sign up as designated drivers

People drinking responsibly

In Ecuador, studies have shown that one of the biggest problems relating to the irresponsible consumption of alcohol is drink driving. One of the cities with the highest statistical rates of drink driving is Cuenca. Here Cervecería Nacional have initiated their 'Nominated driver' campaign.

The campaign 'Nominated Driver' visits bars and discos of the city with a group of "Agents 005" who invite groups of friends to participate in this mission and designate a driver for the night. This driver is then identified with a bracelet and registered in the program.

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