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'Virtual school assists teaching in Peru'



In Peru, Backus have implemented a programme, Escuela Virtual Backus (Backus Virtual School), to support local education. This programme offers interactive educational materials for teachers with the objective to contribute towards improving the quality of Peruvian education. This is achieved by helping teachers develop new skills and by providing new educational resources that they can use.

Recently, 170 teachers graduated from the ‘Teacher Upgrade Programme’ (TUP). This programme is run by ‘Fundación Cisneros’ and is intended for Latin American elementary school teachers with the aim to promote their ongoing development. The TUP offers free online courses and educational TV programmes so teachers can improve their teaching skills on subjects that are relevant to the development of their communities.

Students of the 'Teacher Upgrade Programme'

Thanks to the alliance that has existed between Backus Virtual School and Fundación Cisneros since 2004, a great number of Peruvian teachers have been able to participate in these skills-development courses. Backus Virtual School selects the schools and teachers who will participate in the programme and monitors the process throughout the duration of the courses.

To find out more, you can visit the Escuela Virtual Backus website.


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