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Let's save springs together

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'Let's save springs together'

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In Russia, there is a strong tradition of natural spring water consumption. However, access to this water is often limited and many can't afford it in bottled form. To address this, SABMiller Russia has initiated a project which aims to construct public springs and provide access to natural water for wider communities in the regions where production sites are located in Kaluga, Ulyanovsk and Vladivostok.

In partnership with local administrations and ministries of ecology and natural resources, popular springs will be located in each of the three regions. SABMiller Russia will then organise and finance the reconstruction works. The official opening of the springs is planned for Ulyanovsk and Kaluga in September and Vladivostok in October 2010.

However, it isn't just SABMiller Russia who is making a difference, the consumers of their beers are too. For each sale of the local brands Moya Kaluga, Sibirskoe and Vladpivo, a direct contribution is made towards the project. Consumers are made aware of this through labelling on each of the products.

Let's save springs together


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