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Supporting growth and sustainable agriculture

Ten Priorities. One Future.

Agricultural production provides employment for approximately one-third of the world's population.

The local sourcing of crops is an important part of our business model, in developed and developing countries alike. Several decades ago Birra Peroni pioneered the barley industry in Italy, supporting the development of varieties suited to the local climate. We now make Peroni using Italian barley, much of it grown on farms that have supplied us for at least two generations. We continue to source locally in countries as diverse as South Africa, the Netherlands, Italy and India.

In Africa, we're creating completely new beer brands brewed with locally grown crops. Across the continent, SABMiller works with a spectrum of farmers from large-scale commercial growers to near-subsistence smallholder farmers to boost yields, incomes and economic growth. By pioneering the use of traditional crops such as sorghum and cassava in brewing, we're opening up new opportunities, markets and incomes for local farmers and communities.

In 2011 we set a goal to increase local sourcing of our agricultural raw materials in Africa from 50% by 2014, including malting barley, maize, sorghum and cassava sourced from farmers. For the year ended 31 March 2013 our African business sourced 52% of agricultural crops from within Africa, reaching this target a year early.

Using local suppliers, however, is not the only route to resource-efficient and sustainable sourcing. Where local production is not viable or competitive, we use imported crops in our beers. In all our crop sourcing decisions, we carefully consider the trade-offs that face us between cost, productivity, the use of resources and our contribution to local growth.

Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action

This report details how SABMiller and other companies build collaboration to help agriculture become a driver of food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.

Download Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action PDF (3.30Mb)

Front cover of Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action Report

Farming Better Futures

Report about SABMiller's agricultural programmes across Africa and involving countries such as Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia and including sorghum and barley farmers.

Download the report PDF (5.72Mb)

Farming Better Futures report cover