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Coors Light And Pro Football Hall Of Fame Survey Names 1967 “Ice Bowl” The Most Memorable Cold-Weather Playoff Game Of All-Time

30 January 2009

Coors Light, Official Beer Sponsor of Super Bowl XLIII,
Unveils Top 10 Games as Voted by Hall of Fame Panel

TAMPA (January 29, 2009) - In a poll conducted on behalf of Coors Light by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a panel of the game's greatest players chose the 1967 "Ice Bowl" between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys as the most memorable cold-weather playoff game of all-time.

Coors Light, the official beer sponsor of Super Bowl XLIII, announced the results tonight at NFL Experience After Dark.  Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame cornerback Mel Renfro, who played in the "Ice Bowl" where game time temperature was -13 degrees with a wind chill of -48 degrees, made a special appearance to share his memories of the 21-17 loss.  He was joined by Anthony Munoz, the legendary offensive tackle of the Cincinnati Bengals who played in the second most memorable cold-weather playoff game of all-time - a 1982 playoff victory over the San Diego Chargers where temperature was -9 degrees and wind chill was -59 degrees.

"Cold and memorable were the key criteria in selecting the Ice Bowl number one, and it's those characteristics that define Coors Light," said Lee Dolan, Coors Light vice president of marketing.  "We thank the Pro Football Hall of Fame for conducting this poll on behalf of the world's most refreshing beer and are thrilled to share the results with NFL fans across the country ... who can now debate the list over a cold Coors Light."

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Coors Light/Coldest Game
January 29, 2009
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Below is the overall Top 10 list, along with temperatures for each game and the final scores:

#1 - Dallas Cowboys (17) @ Green Bay Packers (21), Dec. 31, 1967

  • Temperature: -13 degrees / Wind chill: -48 degrees

#2 - San Diego Chargers (7) @ Cincinnati Bengals (27), Jan. 10, 1982

  • Temperature: -9 degrees / Wind chill: -59 degrees

#3 - Los Angeles Raiders (23) @ Buffalo Bills (29), Jan. 15, 1994

  • Temperature: 0 degrees / Wind chill: -32 degrees

#4 - Oakland Raiders (10) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (16), Jan. 4, 1976

  • Temperature: 11 degrees / Wind Chill: N/A

#5 - New York Giants (23) @ Green Bay Packers (20), Jan. 20, 2008

  • Temperature: -4 degrees / Wind chill: -24 degrees

#6 - Oakland Raiders (13) @ New England Patriots (16), Jan. 19, 2002

  • Temperature: 20 degrees / Wind Chill: N/A

#7 - New York Giants (7) @ Green Bay Packers (16), Dec. 30, 1962

  • Temperature: 13 degrees / Wind Chill: N/A

#8 - Oakland Raiders (17) @ Denver Broncos (20), Jan. 1, 1978

  • Temperature: 18 degrees / Wind Chill: N/A

#9 - Tennessee Titans (14) @ New England Patriots, (17), Jan. 10, 2004

  • Temperature: 4 degrees / Wind Chill: -10 degrees

#10 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27) @ Philadelphia Eagles (10), Jan. 19, 2003
• Temperature: 26 degrees / Wind Chill: 16 degrees

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Coors Light/Coldest Game
January 29, 2009
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