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TOPVAR PRESENTS: What matters is inside

2 April 2007

As of April 2, 2007 the Slovak consumers are getting familiar with a new image of Topvar brand. New logo, label, bottle, can and crate are parts of a re-launch process of this brand in the Slovak market. A communication campaign is planned including outdoor (billboards), print and TV as well as several BTL activities. Pivovary Topvar, a.s. believes that Topvar may aspire to become the most loved brand in Slovak beer market.

Topvar brand comes to the Slovak market with a new look. As of April 2007 consumers will find in their shops a new brand logo, new bottles, crates and cans. At the same time an advertising campaign is launched aimed at the relaunch of Topvar brand for the whole Slovak market. It is the first massive marketing move of the company Pivovary Topvar, a.s., after it has has been established January 1, 2007.

The central message of the re-launch campaign is ”What matters is inside“. The campaign’s beauty lies in it simplicity. It does not tell us what is good for us but rather invites us to discover Topvar ourselves. The first part of the campaign presents Topvar beer in its new outfit. Another part of the first “advertising wave” will come end-April, with the Ice Hockey World Championships in Moscow, since Topvar is a Official Partner of the Slovak Ice Hockey National Team.

Topvar beer will be sold in new GOLD bottles, which have been already used by the company for Šariš brand. Advantage of these bottles is, that they are approximately 20% lighter than NRW bottles, and at the same time they are stronger and more breakage proof. Topvar’s change of outfit supports the vision, that packing must reflect and support a product’s quality and brand proposition for the consumers. New Topvar logo uses a characteristic brand’s colouring, where red and gold are the most important colours. The new label with is reflection of traditional beer cues on one hand and the up-to-date, more dynamic design on the other, represents the proper balance of heritage and modernity.  Topvar remains an original Slovak beer, which is prepared according to the original recipe in three variants (Topvar 12% Premium, Topvar 10% Traditional Pale and Topvar Dark).

“Although Pivovary Topvar, a.s., is officially young, our brands have long-time tradition in Slovakia“ says Olimpia Osinska, Marketing Director of Pivovary Topvar, a.s. “This tradition and high quality products gives us a great basis for brand building. We believe that with SABMiller experience and knowledge we are able to grow our portfolio of brands successfully.  Topvar is not the first one to use international expertise of SABMiller but definitely the most important one for us in Slovakia. With the re-launch phase we are adding new face to great product. In the next steps we will build the brand image appealing to our consumers”.


Pivovary Topvar, a.s. is SABMiller Slovak subsidiary with almost 40% share of Slovak beer market. It produces 1.7 mil. hl of beer in 2 breweries, Topolcany and Velky Saris. Company’s main brands are Topvar, Saris and Kozel.

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