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“Over 18 only” – the Hungarian consumers are perceptive. A new, responsible expert helps the Dreher Sörgyárak (Dreher Beer Manufacturers) Zrt. to communicate responsibly (Translation)

25 June 2012

Summer festival season is beginning and beer advertisements are proliferating, so no wonder that the question of responsible alcohol consumption is receiving more attention. According to a recent international survey, advertisement plays a significant role in forming consumer attitudes, and these findings are supported by a domestic survey of Dreher Sörgyárak, which shows that 42% of Hungarian shoppers remember the responsible consumption message placed on the beer [bottles]. The commitment of Dreher Sörgyárak to responsible drinking is proven by the fact that in the future, Dr. László Radácsi, the new, independent Chairman of the self-governing Sales and Marketing Committee, will help the Company's work.

With the approaching summer and the festival season, beer advertisements appear more frequently in promotional spaces. Internationally, the manufacturers' responsibility is enormous, as messages relating to responsible alcohol consumption may have a defining influence to beer lovers at a time when they are facing increased advertisement.
A recent international survey conducted by the SABMiller Group, which has also examined the marketing practices of Dreher Sörgyárak, pointed out that product advertisement played a significant role in forming customer attitudes. These results were supported by the domestic market survey of Dreher Sörgyárak, which concluded that 42% of Hungarian consumers remember the responsible consumption message on the beer and can name it, as well.

The international survey evaluated the product advertisements used by the participating beer manufacturers during the second half of 2011 to see if they complied with their commitment made to the European Alcohol and Health Forum. According to the survey, the self-regulation Dreher Sörgyárak uses in its sales and marketing activities goes beyond the legal requirements. Its products and advertisement were compliant and emphasised that young people should not consume alcoholic beverages prior to reaching legal age.

"Dreher Sörgyárak considers the protection of minors especially important, and that is why it uses the ‘Over 18 only' message in its communications. Furthermore, we call attention to the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on some of our products, and warn consumers against drunk driving on other promotional materials. Our messages even popularise the web page, providing background information concerning responsible consumption," emphasised Mandy Fertetics, head of Company Relations and Sustainable Development at Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt., in connection with the research.

The internal rules of responsible communication are brought to life by the company's staff and the Responsible Sales and Marketing Committee. Members of the Committee supervise every marketing and sales concept and publicity material to make sure they comply not only with the prevailing regulations, but also with the self-regulation of the industry and the company, as well as to ethical principles. As of March 1, 2012, the Chairman's post at the Committee has been filled by outside independent expert, Dr. László Radácsi. It is the role of the expert to coordinate in the spirit of self-government and, as Chairman, to lead the operations of the Committee and the individual members, thereby enforcing the rules of ethical and responsible communications by Dreher Sörgyárak.

"Thanks to the personality of Dr. László Radácsi, as well as his knowledge and experience in the areas of social responsibility and ethics, he will be a fresh, and at the same time, objective observer and critic of the responsible appearance and content of our future communications, among them our ads, posters and labels," asserted Mandy Fertetics.

In connection with his assignment, Dr. László Radácsi emphasised, "I was glad to accept the invitation to the position of Committee Chairman. I find this area exciting and very important, where I may gain practical insight through the beer manufacturer's communication approval process. Self-regulation has special importance today, and the companies who lead in this area, may plan for more responsible and penalty-free operations."

About Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.'s self-regulation, and activities supporting responsible communication:

In the course of its marketing and sales activities, Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. uses stricter regulations than the Hungarian legal requirements; based on which, it participates in the company and industry self-regulation aimed at strengthening ethical behavior.

Beyond all this, the Dreher Zrt. has also established an internal supervisory committee (SMRC), unique to the alcohol industry, to enforce strict commercial communication principles. The SMRC follows all public communication activities of the company to ensure that they not only comply with the relevant legal regulations, but also with the ethical codex of Dreher Sörgyárak, as well as the company's internal rules.

The company, in the framework of its Responsible Alcohol Consumption program launched in 2008, helps consumers make individual decisions by providing information, facts and expert opinions. The company is also a member of the Self-regulating Advertisment Body (ORT) and the Association of Hungarian Beer Manufacturers (MSSZ), and accepts the ethical principles and statements of these professional associations as mandatory to itself, and encourages the beer industry to realise industry-wide self-regulation in order to further strengthen the best practices of the industry.

About the career of Dr. László Radácsi:

This professional, besides his activities as scientific instructor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, has worked with such clients as CIB Bank, Generali-Providencia, MKB Bank, Nestlé, Tesco, and Vodafone as an expert for B&P CSR Management. Currently, he is the Owner-Manager of SmartLab Consulting (more important clients: BAT Hungary, Coca-Cola Hungary, E.On Hungária Group), and is Chief Scientific Associate at the Economic College of Budapest.

* The survey was audited in the second half of 2011 by an independent third party (KPMG) on the SABMiller group's more important markets, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom. More on the research at,
Further information:

Mandy Fertetics
Head of Company Relations and Sustainable Development
Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.
Tel.: +36 1 432 9877

Balázs Deák
PR Consultant
Mobile: +36 20 234 1489

Budapest, June 13, 2012.

The SABMiller Group, the second largest beer manufacturing enterprise, currently present on six continents in more than 75 countries worldwide, provides international background to Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. To achieve sustainable development, this group of companies identified 10 main development areas, and Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. takes an active role in their realisation by developing and realising local programs. These ten areas are: Taking a stand against irresponsible alcohol consumption; Environmentally conscious water management; Reduction of energy use and carbon-dioxide emissions; Reuse and recycle packing materials; Responsible waste management: Encouraging enterprise development in the value chain: Community participation; supporting the reduction of HIV/AIDS in the affected areas; Respect for human rights; Transparent and ethical business practices.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [13/06/2012].

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