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Innovative packaging to protect the environment (Translation)

29 June 2011

Backus Protects the Environment with Degradable Packaging

- The plastic packaging for non-returnable bottles and cans will have the oxo-degradable additive.
- Oxo-degradability allows the packaging to degrade in two to five years instead
of 400.
- Cristal brand was the first to use this new packaging.

Lima, June 27, 2011 - In an effort to protect the environment, Backus has decided to use oxo-degradable additives in the plastic packaging of its non-returnable bottles and cans. This technology allows plastic to degrade in two to five years under normal environmental conditions (light, heat, oxygen) instead of 400 years, as usually occurs.

Cristal was the first brand to make this change, although presently, Pilsen Callao and Cusqueña also use this technology, in accordance with the current law specifying that the public sector should use degradable bags with the intention of being environmentally friendly.

Oxo-degradable technology is implemented during the production process. The additive causes plastic to begin degradation at the end of its predetermined, useful life. Until that moment, it will be as strong and useful as conventional plastic.

"We are constantly concerned about environmental impact. That is why we have added the oxo-degradable element to all non-returnable packaging. This speeds the disintegration process-due to nature's work-without causing harm to the environment," Manuel Galliani, Backus' buying director commented.

Protecting the environment is part of the company's strategy of sustainable development. That is why Backus decided to invest in this change. This packaging degrades without leaving harmful residues in the environment. At the end of the process, only minimal quantities of water and biomass are left.

For more information, please contact:
Cecilia Quevedo
Backus 311-3000
Yohana Medina / Lorena Oviedo

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