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Snow Beer “Globe Trekker: Across Kekexili” Launched Nationwide (Translation)

6 June 2011

Explore Kekexili, You Are the One
Snow Beer "Globe Trekker: Across Kekexili" Launched Nationwide

Optional: Challenge No-Man's-Land   Snow Beer Calls for the Brave
Snow Beer "Globe Trekker: Across Kekexili" Launched Nationwide

Recently, China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Co., Ltd. announced in Beijing that the 2011 "Snow Beer Globe Trekker: Across Kekexili" campaign is going to be launched in July nationwide.

So far the "Snow Beer Globe Trekker" campaign has been held for seven consecutive years. This year's campaign will not only carry on the active, aggressive, challenging and innovative brand spirit, it will also embody the elements of vitality and energy, focusing on the largest sparsely populated area in China - Kekexili. We'll explore this legendary land with adventurous and innovative people, a mission designed for the brave.

Uncover the Forbidden Zone   Explore the Ecological Secrets

The core value of this year's "Snow Beer Globe Trekker" campaign is to respect and love life. We set our destination to Kekexili not only because it is difficult to conquer, but also because we need ambitious and courageous people to explore the vulnerable ecology in this area and to provide more feasible programs to protect it.

There are barely any human footprints in Kekexili because of its harsh climate. It is the largest sparsely populated area in China. It lies in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an average altitude of 15,092 feet. It's uninhabitable for human beings, and people call it the "Forbidden Zone." However, this area is a paradise for wild animals. Tibetan antelopes gallop over the grasslands; goshawks hover in the clear blue sky; wild wolves roam the pure land.  Explorers who have been here have been impressed by its fascinating colors and untamed landscape. The vitality and primitive wilderness captured their souls. The vast terrain and the freedom of the environment cleared their minds. Kekexili's natural beauty calls out to anyone possessing passion for life and a love for challenges. The brave people participating in this campaign will leave passionate footprints on this land, and the land, in turn, will leave unforgettable marks in their lives.

Find the Brave Pioneers   Experience a Different Passion

We need adventurous spirit in our life. Snow Beer believes that we can document a new touching chapter of life once we've explored Kekexili with the bravest of heart. Therefore, Snow Beer will start to recruit trekkers after the campaign is launched in July. And Snow Beer's selection will focus on the test of a volunteer's spirit and courage. Anyone could be a Snow Beer trekker, as long as they are passionate about life, have the courage to face challenges, have an indomitable will, and have the passion to explore an unknown world.

After the recruiting begins, China Resources Snow Beer will accept applications in over a hundred cities nationwide. All candidates can apply from their district via in-field and online recruiting, no matter where they are or what industry they work in. Our massive recruiting activities have different forms, testing one's courage, skill and physical strength. For those consumers who love to challenge themselves, the recruiting itself is an excellent experience.

Carry on Trekkers' Glory   Bring in Eternal Grandeur

"Globe Trekker" is an annual innovative brand promotion campaign for China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Co., Ltd. The trekkers have explored the Brahmaputra Canyon (2005); uncovered the source area of Yangtze River (2006); held a frontier expedition (2007); accomplished polar exploration (2008); challenged the Qogir [aka K2] (2009); and re-marched the Long March (2010). This campaign has attracted a lot of attention in the industry and won high praise from the public for its unique way of challenging untapped nature, as well as researching and protecting both the natural and cultural environment. It has become the most innovative and longest lasting branding campaign in the industry.

We believe the journey across Kekexili will promote Snow Beer's pioneering and innovative brand spirit. It will unveil the mystery of this no-man's-land and show the charm of wildlife and natural beauty. It will also attract broader attention. Though the explorers may only leave temporary footprints, their exploration will bring eternal grandeur to Kekexili.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [02/06/2011].

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