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As part of Earth Day, Bavaria extends an invitation to do things for her through recycling (Translation)

26 April 2010

Bogotá, April 21st, 2010.  As part of Earth Day, which is to be celebrated tomorrow worldwide, Bavaria, the leading beverage company in Colombia, makes a new call for Colombians to make recycling a part of their habits, as a way to lessen the impact of solid residue on the planet and to decelerate the use of natural resources for the production of new containers and packaging.

The appetizer for this invitation was provided on April 13th when Bavaria, along with another eight companies in the retail sector, launched the "Recycling Has Value" project, within the framework of the Entrepreneurial Commitment for Recycling - CEMPRE for its Spanish acronym. This is an initiative supported by the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development, and geared towards reducing pollution, preserving natural resources and improving the quality of life of Colombian society. There, Bavaria committed itself to support specific recycling actions, beginning with the proposal that, starting today, Bogotans sort their residues better and deposit them in any of the fifteen collection points set up by Carrefour throughout the city.

Bavaria makes an additional call to all consumers of its products, to protect the returnable bottles and crates that come into their hands. The inadequate use of these bottles and crates (for example, when they are used to store paint, paraffin or chemical substances, among others), implies an additional burden for the planet, for these must be destroyed before entering the production line. They cannot be recycled and must be, in some cases, replaced by new units, and new natural resources must be consumed for their production.

Bavaria also invites grocers throughout the country to return all bottles and crates of older formats to the company representatives, in order for them to be properly recycled. The deadline for the collection of these old containers is on the coming 30th of April.

Fernando Jaramillo, Corporate Affairs Vice-President of Bavaria, stated the company's commitment to recycling with the following words: "One of our sustainable development priorities is to work for our operations to have zero waste, which as a matter of fact includes the adequate handling of bottles and crates by our grocers and consumers. Also, by de-stimulating the production of new bottles from scratch, a huge contribution is made towards reducing our carbon footprint in the atmosphere. For these reasons, starting today, we want to have a greater commitment to recycling, for the earth is also our friend and we want to continue doing things for her".

Bavaria S. A. is the largest beverage company of Colombia. Its brands Águila, Águila Light, Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Peroni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd's and Pony Malta are leaders in their respective beverage categories in Colombia.

For additional information please contact:
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- Bogotá, D.C.


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