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Huaca de la Luna is the unanimously winner in La Libertad Region (Translation)

12 March 2010

Award will allow local development projects continuation

- The amount issued by Fondoempleo comes to S/. 1'318,979.62

- The winning project will continue contributing to local employment creation

- The aim is to articulate the importance of cultural heritage and tourism promotion

Trujillo - March 10, 2010.  Today, during a presentation ceremony, Fondo Empleo and Patronato de Huacas del Valle de Moche signed an agreement to promote the development of marketable skills and job creation in the area surrounding the archaeological complex. Local authorities, Backus representatives and international cooperation institutions that contribute to the project were present at the ceremony.

This agreement has been made possible due to the fact that Patronato Huacas del Valle Moche was declared the winner of the Fondoempleo Ninth National Project Contest. They submitted a project of 3'003,529.66 nuevos soles, of which FONDOEMPLEO will finance 1'318,974.82 nuevos soles. The remaining amount of 1'559.210,04 nuevos soles, will be covered by contributions of counterpart institutions such as Patronato Huacas del Valle de Moche, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and Backus Foundation.

The project, called "Employment Creation and Income Improvement by Consolidating Huacas de Moche Touristic Product", was ranked by the jury as the best in the region of La Libertad. Moreover, it is one of the few projects unanimously approved at the national level. It not only provides for intervention in research and conservation of the monument for tourist use, but it also includes the development of food and beverage and local craft sites in order to extend visitors stay in the Moche County and thus contribute to local employment generation.

Mr. Fernando Hilbck, Backus Corporate Affairs Director, said: "Backus has been committed to this project for more than 16 years and we are pleased by the results. The management model applied in Huaca de la Luna, which involves the research, conservation and importance of cultural heritage articulated by different members of society, has a direct impact on employment generation and local development which benefit everyone".

About Fondo Empleo:

Fondo Nacional para la Capacitación Laboral y la Promoción del Empleo (Fondoempleo) is a concessionary fund created by law, which is made up of resources from benefits excess profits reserves not available for distribution among workers due to legal reasons. It funds the development of projects that link marketable skills development with employment creation, which additionally achieve social and economic profitability, environmental sustainability and high replicability.

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 
Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 10/03/2010].


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