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Within the framework of the Barranquilla Carnival, Bavaria launched its new ecological fridges (Translation)

23 February 2010

Bogotá, February 19th, 2010.  Bavaria, the leading beverage company in Colombia, and subsidiary of SABMiller plc, took advantage of the Barranquilla Carnival, and the usual high cold-beer demand around it, to officially launch its new Fogel HFC gas-free ecological fridges. In 2009, the company had already changed 11,000 fridges throughout the country for new energy-saving efficient models. This year, the gradual implementation of even more environmentally friendly fridges that do not affect the ozone layer and mitigate global warming was undertaken, part of a process that may take approximately seven years until all fridges in the country are changed to this new technology.

Unlike conventional fridges that use cooling gases like HFC R12 and HFC R-134a that, when released to the atmosphere, grow the ozone layer hole "larger", the new fridges use a gas known as R-290, a low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon that does not affect it. Furthermore, to isolate internal cold, conventional fridges use a foam blown with R142b gases that promote global warming, whereas the new models use cyclopentane, a low-molecular-weight hydrocarbon. Finally, on average, a regular fridge spends 264 watts per hour, whereas the new fridges consume less than a regular 100W home light bulb per hour. The above is equivalent to nearly 44% less than what a regular fridge used to spend, which in turn represents significant savings for shopkeepers and merchants.

In terms of emissions reduction, having replaced 11,000 fridges in 2009 has translated into a reduction of nearly 615.4 tons of CO2 per year.

This initiative of Bavaria to launch new ecologic fridges is in line with the plans of the Ministry of the Environment, which is currently planning to definitively eliminate the use of HCFC gases in Colombia by 2040. These plans are in adherence to the goals of the Protocol of Montreal, which seeks to set maximum deadlines to eliminate production and consumption of the main substances that deplete the ozone layer. This protocol was adopted worldwide in 1987 and Colombia adhered to it in December 1993.

The new Fogel refrigerators introduced to the market by Bavaria have been certified by Underwriters' Laboratories, which will allow them to have the UL® brand of safety. These same models were distributed by PepsiCo in Miami during the recent 2010 Super Bowl.

Bavaria S. A. is the largest beverage company of Colombia. Its brands Águila, Águila Light, Club Colombia, Cola & Pola, Costeña, Costeñita, Peroni, Pilsen, Póker, Redd's and Pony Malta are leaders in their respective beverage categories in Colombia.

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