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If we've invited you for interview, you will then undertake a rigorous and competency-based process which ensures that you're the right person for us and we're the right company for you.

Although the process may vary dependent on role and location, each successful candidate will go through the following steps.

The SABMiller interview process

1 Telephone interview

A member of our recruitment or HR team will contact you to arrange a discussion about the role you've applied for.

2 First interview

If you’re successful at the telephone interview stage, then you’ll be shortlisted for first round interview. All interviews are competency-based and at first stage we may use a panel format whereby you’ll have the opportunity to meet two or three people at one time.

3 Second interview

If we all feel there’s a mutual fit, then you’ll be invited back for a second round interview so that you can learn more about the company and we can learn more about you.

4 Assessment

Dependent on the location and type of role applied for you may be asked to undertake an assessment stage before being offered a career with us.

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