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Industrias La Constancia helps to improve the quality of life of residents from communities near its beer plant (Translation)

26 June 2009

San Salvador, June 22, 2009. Industrias La Constancia, Fundes Internacional and the Mayor's Office from San Salvador gave out awards to the best participants from the entrepreneurial encouragement course, provided by ILC and FUNDES among the residents of 14 neighbouring communities of the beer production plant located at Avenida Independencia in this capital city.

In order to contribute to employment creation among nearby communities to the plant, ILC installed the Community Centre of Avenida Independencia, a bakery workshop equipped with owned consumables of this industrial baking activity, such as a gas cooker and baking moulds. Additionally, the company provides students with all the necessary ingredients for bread production. The baking classes are paid by ILC and delivered by a specialist, giving out a total of 32 monthly hours of classes. The community contributed a handcrafted oven which is used in practical classes.

According to research done by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), in 2008, 25.3% of people living in these communities are either unemployed or idleness and the average level of grades is the ninth. In addition to this program, the company has already trained 318 children and teenagers in computing, so they can have access to better employment opportunities.

For this reason, Industrias La Constancia decided to actively participate in order to help provide these people with generating income. To reach this objective, the company decided to install this Community Centre.

An integral part of this program is to transform the participants into true entrepreneurs and to help them start their own small business. For this reason, investments have been made to make the participants  administrators of micro enterprises.

To achieve this objective, all graduates from the bakery centre has the opportunity to enter the seminar of Entrepreneurial Development, instructed through FUNDES.

During this training, the attendees learn about cost control, marketing, management, business administration, market research and every subject that can help them to start their own business in a simple, understandable way. The program is made of practical and simple practices in order for the participants to overcome the fear to execute their business.

"I feel happy, fulfilled with this business and I want to continue growing. I thank Industrias La Constancia for this opportunity to better myself and to my family for supporting me with this project."
 -Rosa Aracely Tamayo,
entrepreneur of the San Francisco Community.
In total, 20 peoples received the entrepreneurial seminar. At the end of it, the participants submitted their business plan into competition and the best five were rewarded with industrial mixers to help them equip their bakeries.

Encouraging entrepreneurialism

During the evaluation, a punctual business plan presentation was taken into account, as well as a clear definition of the business idea, a clear interpretation of the aspects its business plan involves (marketing, finances, idea definition, strategic aspects), a capacity to understand concepts and ideas, having a business vision and motivation in the search of opportunities.

The baking centre has become a reality thanks to the support of Industrias La Constancia, Fundes Internacional and the community. Thanks to their management skills, they were and active member of this new productive unit to generate employment.

The total residents of these 14 communities are 5,186 and they belong to the following areas: 4 de mayo, San Francisco de Asís, 28 avenida Norte, La Tiendona, Peralta, Centro Urbano Lourdes, Sánchez, San Marcos, San Marcelo, Maye, San Esteban, Condominio Lourdes, Comunidad Rosita.

ILC is a socially responsible business, committed with the integral development from El Salvador, searching for a sustainable development model, especially in the nearest communities to the production plants.

"The closure of this first program of entrepreneurial development is a symbol of one more commitment with the country. A commitment with the strengthening of micro enterprises and small business, the engine of the economic growth. A commitment with generation of employment and opportunities to improve income and quality of life for the members of our surrounding communities."
-Martin van Dam, President of Industrias La Constancia.

- Industrias la Constancia, a subsidiary of SABMiller plc, is the leading drink company from El Salvador.

- Its mission is to satisfy thirst and to bring a positive experience to consumers by providing them with their favourite drink with its exceptional quality brands.

- Among its quality brands: Pilsener, Golden Light, Suprema, Barena and Regia in beer beverages; Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Tropical, Fresca and Kinley in soft drinks; Cristal, Dasani, Paradise and Tampico in bottled water and juices; Powerade in isotonic sport drinks.

- A proactive contribution of Industrias La Constancia to environmental improvement, as well as the social and economic growth of El Salvador is a fundamental part of its vision and an essential cornerstone of the  sustainability of its operations.

- La Constancia has been and will always be a company committed with the changes demanded by our world.

- In its career of over a 100 years, it has shown leadership and perseverance, working elements that have been at the forefront in the application of modern technology and business policies for social benefits. It is our Policy of Sustainable Development, with which we prove each and one of our activities in order to improve the future of El Salvador.

- This contribution is the result of the implementation of 4 values which rule our conduct: Integrity, Continuing Improvement, Excellence and Shared Responsibilities.

- We are committed to continue with our constant improvement and to give our consumers, clients, providers and society in general, an environment that doesn't jeopardize the resources of future generations.

- We relieve our business model will only become sustainable as long as our operations are consistent with the social, economic and environmental development of El  Salvador.

For further information, please contact:

José Carlos Bonilla,
of Corporate Relations
or  Aldo Vallejo, Director
of Corporate Relations

Industrias La Constancia, Edificio World Trade Center, Torre 1, 5to Nivel, 89 Avenida Norte y Calle El Mirador, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador,
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This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.  

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 22-06-09.

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