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SABMiller Travel Writer winner about to set sail

16 February 2009

Lorena Di Nola, a 27 year old translator from London, has been chosen from hundreds of entries as the winner of the first SABMiller Travel Writer competition. From March 1st she will embark on a month long tour of Europe, writing up her experiences on the travel pages of The Independent newspaper website. See Lorena's introduction here.

SABMiller last year asked readers of The Independent to write to them about a European city they wanted to most enjoy a beer in and why. Aspiring writers from across the world entered to win the chance to explore the role that beer plays in seven European countries - the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary and Holland with Lorena's dreams of Rome taking the prize.

"It's amazing and scary!" said Lorena when she found out. "This is what I've always wanted to do, so the chance to write for an educated audience in a national newspaper is going to be an adrenalin rush on a daily basis."

The all expenses paid month long tour will offer Lorena the chance to report on the fascinating and varied influence of the brewing industry on European culture in a travel blog. She will spend a minimum of 4 nights and visit a local SABMiller brewery in each country, whilst exploring the culture and customs that have arisen around beer.

Lorena sees the trip as potentially being a life changing experience. "Hopefully, the life of a professional travel writer will be the right one for me. It could be difficult going back to a desk job after the trip, so winning this competition could be a turning point."

Bianca Shevlin, SABMiller Corporate Media Relations Manager: "Lorena has won the experience of a lifetime. It's great to work with The Independent and give an aspiring writer the chance to make their mark in the world of travel journalism and report on a fascinating subject from some of Europe's most culturally diverse countries".

Dan Poole, Student Editor, The Independent: "Lorena's entries for the competition were fantastic - really lively and original - so I think she'll make a great blogger. I'm certainly looking forward to putting her blogs up on The Independent's website, although I'm preparing myself for fits of jealousy too!"

The Beer Blog will appear on The Independent's website for the duration of the trip.

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