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A Weekend in Rome with Peroni

27 January 2009

The winner of the contest is José Ramón Romero Gil

o Peroni  Nastro Azzurro has offered a prize, a trip to Rome, for the purchase of their products
o It has been a part of Compañía Cervecera' s portfolio since May 2008

Santa Cruz, Tenerife, January 26, 2009- José Ramón Romero Gil, from Gran Canaria, is the lucky winner of a weekend in Rome for two. To participate in this contest organized by Peroni Nastro Azzurro, contestants were asked to fill out purchase ballots and hand them in together with the bar code at the store. The contest lasted from November 24 to December 23 and was geared towards customers who bought their products at the Corte Inglés store.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro represents the bottle's Italian style and embodies the authenticity and passion for which Italy is known. It is manufactured in Italy and it is characterized by its unique taste, its light and enjoyable bitterness and its sparkling but not carbonated flavour, which are a result of the barley and corn selection used to make it and make it unique.

It has been distributed by all the exclusive stores in the island since May 2008, when it was incorporated to Compañía Cervecera de Canarias' international portfolio.

Interesting Facts:

 Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the number one Italian premium beer in the world.
 Birra Peroni began manufacturing in 1846 and Peroni Nastro Azzurro was created in Italy in the 60's.
 Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a Golden beer with a distinctive and refreshing taste. It is gently made using the best and finest varieties of Italian barley and corn.
 It is described as strong but not heavy with a light and enjoyable bitterness and a sparkling but not carbonated flavour.
 It targets sophisticated customers who appreciate quality, authenticity and style.
 Peroni Nastro Azzurro is sold at all of Canarias' exclusive clubs and restaurants and can only be bought at Corte Inglés.
 Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml bottle has a long neck and a contemporary label on its green glass.

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About Compañía Cervecera de Canarias

Compañía Cervecera de Canarias is one of the main national breweries and motors of the economic, industrial and social development of Canarias, with an annual income of approximately 149 millions of Euros and a profit over 27 millions of Euros during the last year (which places it among the biggest enterprises of the Canarias food and beverage sector, in invoicing amount). It has over 300 Canarian entrepreneurs as its shareholders, and belongs to the international group SABMiller.

The Company produces its own beer brands Dorada and Tropical, and Carlsberg under license; distributes international brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell, Guinness and Miller Genuine Draft. Furthermore, it has other beverages such as the energy drink Red Bull, Premium Granini juices and the natural beverages Appletiser and Peartiser. Compañía Cervecera de Canarias is located among the main Canarian wealth and development generator enterprises for the Archipelago economy, boosting the creation of approximately 900 direct job positions and contributing to keep over 13.000 indirect jobs.

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