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Canarias Brewery will invest over 8.77 million of euros during the current period

14 November 2008

- Over 4 million of euros will be assigned, among other things, to factory improvements in order to make them suitable for the manufacturing of new drinks.

- In keeping with their commitment to the environment, the company will assign over one million of euros to purchase refundable bottles.

- Over the last ten years, the company will have carried out investments exceeding 87 million euros.

Sta. Cruz de Tenerife, October 20, 2008: Canarias Brewery, one of the archipelago's major manufacturing groups, has planned to invest over 88.7 million of euros during the present period, which represents an increase of 20.8% from the previous period. This sum will be distributed among areas such as: the adaptation of manufacturing and bottling assembly lines for the production of new drinks, the acquisition of refundable bottles, new means of transportation and new marketing material and equipment for the 13,000 sale points they serve. Also, part of the investment will be assigned to the actualization of their operative system, to other areas related to health and labor safety and to the renovation of their twelve work centers.

Raquel Varela

Senior Associate

Corporate Affairs

Oficina Madrid


avda/ de Burgos 21, 7ª planta

28036   Madrid 

Tel. 91 384 67 49

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