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7 November 2008

Conquer, a challenge to enjoy life with flavor

- Cervecería Nacional enlarges its product portfolio to satisfy consumers.
- Conquer seeks to satisfy consumers who are after a more flavoursome beer.
- Conquer is available in various presentations:  refundable 330cc and 600cc and non-refundable 330cc at $0,45, $0,70 and $0,60 respectively.
Guayaquil, November 5.- As part of their commitment to innovation and the chalenge to offer more options to ecuatorian consumers, Cervecería Nacional launches Conquer, a pilsen-type beer designed for an optimistic, young and dynamic public who loves to enjoy a falvoursome life.

Conquer is made from a unique mix of golden barley and a perfect combination of hops that gives it its deep golden color and exceptional flavor, which will turn those trivial moments of life into flavoursome experiences. It is a moderate 4.0 alcohol degree drink produced at the company's brewery.
Cervecería Nacional new product seeks to delight the palate of consumers who value innovation and who want to explore new trends. It is available in modern and different presentations that will be marketed at bars, restaurants and supermarkets among others.

Cervecería Nacional's Marketing Vice-president, Roberto Jarrín, said: "Cervecería Nacional objective is to satisfy the increasingly demanding ecuatorian consumers. Now, modernist, daring young adults want a new option. Conquer is what we were all looking for. Those who want to live a flavoursome life."

He also added: "It is a beer different from the traditional ones because it offers more flavor."

Conquer's introduction will be accompanied by a wide marketing campaign through the press, television, radio and other media. Parallel to that, Cervecería Nacional, a subsidiary of SABMiller, will carry out promotional activities thoughout the country's major cities in order to develop the ecuatorian taste for Conquer.

Cervecería Nacional is aware that the world market records a tendency towards specialization by offering different products. In general, beer consumers show a conditional loyalty to their favourite brand and they select products based on flavor, which is the reason Cervecería Nacional stands by Conquer.

The product portfolio of Cervecería Nacional, SABMiller's subsidiary, is made up of Pilsener, Pilsener Light, Club, Dorada, Pony Malta and Agua Manantial.

For more information contact:
Indira Mori
Dirección de Comunicación
Cervecería Nacional CN S.A.
Tel: 04 289 3088 ext.2111/2117                                                             

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