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China Resources Snow Breweries becoming China No. 1 in terms of sales volume

27 March 2007

Humor Wang Qun, Managing Director of China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Ltd., released the Company’s annual results (2006) in Beijing. He announced that the sales volume of China Resources Snow Breweries exceeded 5 mn kl and that of Snow brand surpassed 3 mn kl, and that both became No. 1 in China in terms of sales volume. Wang Yancai, President of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, Du Futai, Secretary-General of China National Food Industry Association Beer Sector Commission, leaders from beer industry associations and media reporters across the country were present at the press conference.

China Resources Snow Breweries’ sales volume in 2006 took 15.1% of the industry total, far exceeding other beer brands in China. This has put an end to the unchanged pattern in the industry for many years. Snow, the national brand of the Company, after becoming No. 1 in 2005 in terms of volume, continued to sit at the top in 2006 by volume of 3.037 mn kl, far ahead of other brands.

China Resources Snow Breweries owes its development from a regional and a single brewery in 1994 into a professional beer company with 48 breweries today to a set of explicit development strategies and successful integration models. Unremittingly following its own strategies, the company has developed from the original coastal/along the river strategy to the current national strategy, and from a regional brand strategy to a national brand strategy. Evidence has shown that China Resources Snow Breweries’ consolidation models in the past 12 years are of significant reference to the development of modern Chinese beer industry.

Ever since 2002 when decision was made to build Snow into a national brand, China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Ltd. has stressed clear-cut brand positioning, consistent and effective communication, rich brand portfolio and innovative marketing models, which are also taken by the company as criteria for a series of brand construction efforts. For instance, the new brand positioning, change of corporate name, update of label and packaging, innovated implementation of non-Olympic marketing, and the national promotion activity - Snow Beer, Brave the World etc.  All this has helped Snow to win consumers’ love and recognition for its positive, enterprising and challenging characters, and distinguished it from other brands. Snow’s brand construction has taken the lead in Chinese beer industry in recent years and its average annual growth rate of sales volume has maintained 30%, making it the fastest growing beer brand in China.

Humor Wang Qun, Managing Director of China Resources Snow Breweries, said that the company has always been focusing on making breakthroughs and innovations, and that all the achievement today should be attributed to customers’ recognition and support. China Resources Snow Breweries would continue its growth momentum and, meanwhile, work together with other domestic beer companies to foster a healthy and harmonious atmosphere, in order to provide rich and varied beer of good quality for consumers.

Wang Yancai, President of China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association, said that China Resources Snow Breweries is the first beer company in China that has reached 5mn kl of sales volume. In the past 10-odd years, the company has developed, steadily and rapidly, from a regional and a single brewery into the biggest company in the industry in terms of volume. The fact that its sales volume has grown quickly into China No.1 demonstrates that China’s industrial pattern has taken a significant change after years of consolidation by both domestic and overseas beer companies, and that a new beer era with CRSB in the lead has come.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Han Xiaofei
China Resources Snow Breweries (China) Ltd.
Tel:  010-65179898-5071
Mobile:  13601277812

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