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Sports Club for People Living with Disabilities and for Healthy People - The Report Won an Award

11 February 2013

February 6th, 2013 - Dreher Breweries Ltd. has given an award to Zsuzsanna Altbäcker, reporter for Duna Television, for her TV report called “Glide, with no disabilities! Integrative Sports Club with Patrícia Kovács and Zsolt Anger.”  The award was given to one of the winners of the competition organised by the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) for the exemplary showcasing of social co-operation and responsibility.

The “HBLF Media for Society” competition, which aims every year at rewarding journalists who, with their reports, interviews or news programmes help propagate initiatives which support the intellectual and economic development of smaller communities, was organised last year for the 11th time.

Dreher Breweries Ltd. rewarded the work of Zsuzsanna Altbäcker, reporter for Duna Television, who presented the work of the “Suhanj!” Association in her report called “Glide, with no disabilities! Integrative Sports Club with Patrícia Kovács and Zsolt Anger”. The public benefit organisation's open-minded community shares the passion for sports with people living with disabilities with the help of dedicated volunteers and amateurs sports people. (The image's source and the report can be seen at the following link:

“We were happy to once again support the HBLF's project as there is always a need for  pragmatic, investigative journalism, for articles and reports presenting important social issues as these are the basis for a mutually understanding and accepting society. We try to actively facilitate that and have at several times co-operated with the Ability Park Association and the Fruit of Care society to raise awareness for the importance of social acceptance of people living with reduced capacity to work” said Mandy Fertetics, the sustainability manager of Dreher Breweries Ltd.

The award winner of this year's “HBLF Media for Society” competition:

First place:Júlia Sívó / András Z. Surányi (HírTV – TV progamme “Vetítő”) For their report “The other side of the river” (“A folyó másik partja”)

Second place: Zsuzsanna Altbäcker (Duna Television) for her report “Glide, with no disabilities! Integrative Sports Club with Patrícia Kovács and Zsolt Anger”(“Akadálytalanul - Suhanj! Integratív Sportclub Kovács Patríciával és Anger Zsolttal”)

Third place: Emília Krug(168óra) for her article “When Mom does drugs” (“Ha anya lövi magát”).

For more information please contact:

Mandy Fertetics
Manager of corporate relations and sustainability
Dreher Brewerues Ltd.
Tel.: +36 1 432 9877

Balázs Deák
PR consultant
Mobile:+36 20 234 1489


International background for Dreher Breweries Ltd. is provided by the second biggest beer producing enterprise in the world: the SABMiller group, which is present on 6 continents in over 75 countries. The group has defined 10 main development areas in order to contribute to sustainable development and Dreher Breweries has taken an active part in this initiative by creating and completing local programmes. These 10 areas are: Fight against irresponsible alcohol consumption, environmental-friendly water management, reducing energy usage and carbon dioxide emission, recycling and re-using of packaging, responsible waste management, support of enterprise development in the chain of value, community engagement, support of anti-HIV/AIDS campaigns in the concerned areas, respect of human rights, transparent and ethical corporate practises.


This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist.   

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on 6th February 2013.


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