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Cervecería Hondureña, Transit Police and INFOP Impulse Road Safety Program (Translation)

14 April 2011

"Conduce Tu Vida" is the innovative program that Cervecería Hondureña developed in partnership with the National Traffic Direction and INFOP, as part of their corporate social responsibility in order to create awareness in the area of Road Safety in Honduras, and with the fundamental purpose to prevent traffic accidents in the population.

This educational program with the following slogan: "Seguridad Vial es Vital", is intended to provide a comprehensive approach to the topic of road safety. There are many factors involved in it and it's important that people, both drivers and pedestrians, are aware of them.

The implementation of this program will be held with mobile diagnostic units available to the public, located at strategic points and where certificated mechanics of the INFOP will provide a free, basic vehicle inspection. This includes the measurement of oil levels, brake fluid, radiator water, distilled water of the battery, pressure and condition of tires, lights conditions, among others.

While performing the inspection of the vehicles, drivers and passengers will receive information on road safety with audiovisual aids from the traffic police. This will inform and provoke attitudinal changes that lead to the respect and care for life and integrity of each and every person, with the purpose of sharing public space in an intelligent and civilized way, and to ensure the common good.

"What we want is for people to take a few minutes of their time that maybe will make a difference between becoming involved in a road incident or not. In this matter they will be contributing not only to themselves, but also to society, and above all else: to saving lives," said the National Director of Traffic, Commissioner Jose Oliva.               

Roberto Alvarez, Vice President of Corporate Affairs said, "We are very pleased today, as we believe that the success of the Road Safety Program, "Conduce Tu Vida" is the educational component that leads to the best strategy to achieve awareness in the population".

The implementation will be developed as part of the summer season accident prevention measure. This is the season with most vehicular activity of tourists to various centers inside the country, and therefore is a time of greater risk for road fatalities. The program will be developed throughout the year.

"As INFOP, we will be giving full force to this initiative, providing qualified mechanics of our institution, in order to provide basic vehicle inspections as a community service to the people. But this is mainly to prevent accidents and save lives," said David Chavez, Executive Director of INFOP.

Another important aspect of this initiative is a combination of efforts through strategic alliances for the implementation of this program as a collective commitment to social institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Security through the National Traffic Direction (DNT) Honduran Institute for Vocational Training (INFOP). These institutions, together with Cervecería Hondureña, are of significant importance for the promotion and success of the program.

The Security Minister, Oscar Alvarez said, "Without a doubt, it is important to highlight the alliance between government and private enterprise to address a social problem such as road safety, especially in these times when our vehicle fleet has grown. We must give particular attention to this issue".

Estimated percentages of the causes of traffic accidents in 2010 were: 53% the drivers were not aware of traffic conditions, 13% were driving at an excessive speed, 12% disobeyed traffic signs, and 5% were driving while intoxicated. Another percentage was due to bad road conditions, mechanical failures and the negligence of pedestrians.

Mobile Diagnostic Units will be located at strategic points in the cities of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba and Choluteca, from April 8 to April 20 of this year. There are about 30 activations estimated during this period, with the intention of covering the busiest spots during this summer.

To strengthen the Safe Summer operations, the Cervecería Hondureña also donates street banners with accident prevention messages. It also provides water and refreshments for the people involved in the operations and media advertising, which together with the Road Safety Program, Drive Your Life, means an investment of approximately 600,000 Lempiras, at this level.

"Conduce tu Vida"
Seguridad Vial es Vital!

This SABMiller subsidiary news release has been translated from its local market language to English language for publication on We have attempted to provide an accurate translation of the original material but due to the difficulties of translation slight differences may exist. 

Note, the news release was first published in its local market on [13/04/2011].

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