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Backus is part of the Multi-Sector Road Safety Responsibility Committee (Translation)

4 May 2010

Event organized by the State and the private sector ends

- Minister of the Interior said that the main cause of accidents is due to drivers' negligence.

Lima, April 29, 2010.-  The "Lima Declaration: Commitment to Road Safety" was signed after the Road Safety Responsibility Multi-Sector Conference, organized by the Transport and Communications Ministry, Ministry of the Interior and Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus y Johnston.

This document takes into account the creation of a follow-up committee formed by the Transport and Communications Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Education, PNP, SUTRAN and Backus y Johnston. The committee seeks to guide the work to be carried out by both the State and private sector in order to create public awareness about the importance of road safety, as well as work together to make sure that "the right to life" becomes a citizen value.

Robert Priday, Unión de Cervecerías Peruanas Backus y Johnston President, said that the commitment of responsibility to the country that the company had taken on through this committee was very important and rewarding. He also highlighted the importance of working together and implementing a model based upon knowledge, awareness, education, road structure improvement and compliance with the law.

He noted that: "Companies must be active participants when it comes to car accidents prevention. They should get involved in the implementation of infrastructure plans and promote road education programs to awaken awareness about the value of life."

The event was inaugurated by the President of the Council of Ministers. It brought together the leading public and private institutions working towards road safety. As a result, over 250 participants, such as State institutions, transportation businesses, civil society, trade unions, NGOs and private enterprises signed the declaration.

Cause of accidents

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 30 per cent of the fatal accidents in the metropolitan Lima area are due to drivers' negligence, 21 per cent are due to pedestrians' negligence and only 7.8 per cent are due to drunk drivers' negligence.

Octavio Salazar, Minister of the Interior, said that the municipalities that signed the declaration will take on the commitment to work towards an inclusive and more humane transportation system and will exercise the authority to achieve traffic regulations compliance. Also, they will commit to standardize traffic signals, speed limits, bus stops, etc., in coordination with MTC and PNP in order to regulate confusing road signs in each district.

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